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Cabela's Alaskan Adventures


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Gamefly could sells these as coasters

posted by Stiller (MESA, AZ) May 6, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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This game is annoying in that the sense that they don't make hunting look fun but really boring. They could make this game fun by making a hunting game a GAME and not a chore list that you repeat 20 times over. None of this game was fun. Couldn't bear to play it after about 10 hrs. Got it on Sat and sent it in on Sun. I just don't understand how little they do to this game to make this one of the worst Xbox 360 games ever. Fuzion Frenzy which sucked was more fun than this. ANd by the way, theres no hunting in this game, just running to one side of the map and then cornering every animal you have to kill. There's no sense of realism to this game because if the guy in the game was for real he probably would have turned the gun on himself a long time ago. I mean you can't simulate a real hunting experience so just make it FUN. SOmewhere these guys said screw fun, lets just make some quick money on some achievement.

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One of the worst 360 games that I've ever rented

posted by WillCA (FRESNO, CA) Apr 24, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

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In one word: Broken.

This was probably one of the most frustrating rentals I have ever gotten. I genuinely pity the poor souls that were suckered into buying this one at full retail, even if that was only $30. What you get is something that wouldn't even be scored highly on PS2 or Xbox, let alone a 'next-gen' system.

--- Running Out of Breath ---
You get winded very easily in this game, simply from walking. If you choose to 'sprint' (which truthfully is more like a morning jog) you will exhaust yourself even sooner, slowing down the pace of a mediocre game.

--- Dog sledding ---
There's only two events that involve dog sledding, and they both run on the same track. Your sled becomes damaged and the dogs will fatigue and require rest.

--- Timed fowling ---
There are some events that require you to hunt birds, and get a certain score within a five second interval. The problem? The camera fades in from black for three of those five seconds, so seeing the early shot is extremely difficult.

--- Damage modelling ---
Why can I shoot a Mountain goat with five rounds of a 30-06 and not kill it, but two shots of a .22 Magnum in the foot of a Kodiak bear will bring it down? The way that the damage is set up in this game is as ridiculous as the inaccurate aiming of the various firearms you can use.

--- Graphics ---
The best part of the entire game is the lens flare you get off of looking at or into the sun. One of the best moments I had with this game is shooting a Musk Ox at pointblank range and watching it's stiff body do pathetic cartwheels down a slope. While this game never claims to be anything more than a bargain bin tripe, you still probably came into it with higher expectations than will be delivered on here. Textures, environments, and especially the animals all look like they belong on a different system.

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posted by KingWill3 (PLYMOUTH, MA) Jan 20, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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This game is awful. I think Atari would have made a better Cabela's game. The gameplay is so lame, that it's like playing a Regular XBOX game. Dog sledding is a joke, and ice fishing gets boring fast. I shot a moose and was attacked by a wolverine, and I am an avid outdoorsman, so I think it was lame. Don't waste your time with this Cabela's catalog platform.

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