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A good rent, not a good buy

posted by GriffinG (POST FALLS, ID) Aug 4, 2009

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There were some things I loved about this game, and things I definitely hated. More bad than good sadly.
First here's what I thought they did a good job on. The actual structure of the game can be somewhat addictive. It's designed like a traditional RPG in that you get goals or quests to achieve 1 at a time and if you complete them you get money to go buy better gear. I like this idea of giving you challenges to complete rather than just sending you out in the woods to hunt random animals.
I also really enjoyed that they incorporated all the other events like dog sledding, fishing, and bird hunting. It was nice to rotate these while playing so that you didn't get to bored with one event.
NOW FOR THE BAD. First of all, I thought the graphics for this game were horrendous. On the XBOX 360 this game has by far some of the worst graphics. Some of the animals are even laughable, like the ox or whatever that looks like a box that just hovers around on the ground and gets stuck on everything. These graphics were just cheesy!
Secondly the controls were horrendous. They threw out the traditional way of controlling guns and made the controller mapping confusing and not user-friendly. It was not an intuitive flow of buttons to push to set up on an animal for the kill. The menu system was horrible as well.
The worst part of this game however was the wildlife AI. Animals just randomly sprinted around at incredibly high speeds, running around like their running was just randomized. It was hard to do anything in this game because there were just animals running sporadically everywhere and if they came across your path they automatically attacked.
Stealth and using lures, baits, camo, decoys, whistles, all that is useless in this game because non of it works right. This is a game where you just run around until you corner and kill it, it is impractical for you to really hunt by like setting up a decoy and waiting for an animal to come to it, the AI is so bad.

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As In Real Life, It's Better Hunting With a Guide

posted by BruceF (BENTONVILLE, AR) Sep 21, 2008

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I actually started this game back in December 2006. I got a little way into it and got totally frustrated with the game and sent it back to the rental company. I recently decided I would try it again, but this time I would take advantage of using a guide for help on the tricky parts.

As in real life, it's so much better to hunt with a guide than going it alone. With the help of a guide, I actually started to have fun with the game. The challenges didn't seem quite so difficult when you knew a bit more about the general area of where to find the fish and game. The really fun starts when you start pushing to see how far away you can be and still nail that trophy animal.

One word of caution for anyone that might think this game is in any way, shape, or form close to reality. You will not be able to drop a bear or moose with just one shot from a .22 magnum pistol. That's just a bit too far fetched.

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posted by Shelby71 (BISMARCK, ND) Oct 27, 2007

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This game is ok but got it for my girlfriend since she is a big hunter. Nothing on here is impossible and does take time to get use too. I have a HD tv and the graphics are not the best i have seen in a game atleast not for 360 anyway. the shooting part is easy point and shoot cake right, wrong!!!! After everytime u get a new gun and put scope on u have to take it to target range and set it in which takes about 2 to 3 mins to get good enough to hit something or target at 150 yards. the animals are hard to tell what is male and female and the attacks on your life suck. There isnt an animal in the world that wouldnt run when they see a human or hear a gun shot. I got killed by bison for god sakes. Ice fishing is easy the boat fishing thats a different story all together. Realistic is one thing and boarding is other. Spend 25 mins looking to get a fish and got 2 bites. If u want easy acheiment point go for it but if your looking for a fun time dont get your hopes up. Only if u like hunting animals and have to be one good shot or your empting the gun into them.

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