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CSI: Deadly Intent


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posted by oxStarxo69 (ROCHESTER, NY) Sep 13, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

It was a good game. A little confusing on some parts but a good game for an easy 1000 gamepoints.

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So clunky, I thought I was playing original xbox..

posted by DarqueDuce (TAMPA, FL) Feb 24, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Let me preface by saying that as a female gamer, my experiance and perspective my differ from other reviewers.

-Criminal investigation tactics are accurate.
-The cases are not cut and dry.
- Voice acting is good.

-Original xbox style graphics.
-No movement. You cannot control the location of your character.
-Game breaking glitches where come evidence doesn't show up.
-Getting out of line with the suspect has no effect.
-Evidence collection is formulaic and patterened. No room for thought.
-"Mouse-over" style controls are clumsy at best.

Overall: Don't force yourself to play this one. The graphics are so bad you'll cry and the view-based, mouse-based controls have no place in a console game.

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rent only for achievements or if a fan of the show

posted by headhunter (WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT) Oct 26, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

7 out of 16 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

I will not say this game is good. I will say this game is NOT bad.
The most redeeming feature is that it is a short and easy trip to an extra 1000 gamerscore.

Easy, short, a simple way to get some achievements (not that there's anything wrong with that) there really isn't much else to this game.

The "story" goes: you're the new guy, and you get to hang with the new seasons cast, it almost dose a good job of putting you into the shoes of a C.S.I. but there is just so much missing. If you have played any previous C.S.I. games you know what to expect. Gather evidence, talk to suspects, make connections in said case, solve case. It has the makings of a fun old school point and click adventure. It's just that all the actual gameplay ideas, and people interactions are scripted to the point that i feel like I'm not in control. Just bored.

Really its a very simple game, it dose not feel like any love went into it.

Ugly textures, boring writing, next to no actual gameplay, it feels like no one that makes the show so great had anything to do with this game.

Play if you want some cheep easy achievements, or if you're curious, or if you love the show and really want to talk to the characters.

Skip it if you are looking for any sort of solid emotional experience, fun engageing gameplay, pretty graphics. You won't find any of that here.

Worth a rent, but only for above reasons.

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