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This isn't worth 40 bucks.

posted by BadAnime (MIDLAND, MI) Jun 5, 2011

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There is no part of this puzzle game that is worth 40 dollars. It is something I can play for free on Pogo. A lot of the game isn't obvious off the bat and the tutorial really doesn't show much. The specials aren't explained and 3D is very weak. If you like this kind of game, renting it is cool as long as you only keep it for a few days and send it back. If you don't like puzzle games, then don't bother with this.

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Life is short. Why rent this?

posted by KintaroOe (YAKIMA, WA) May 12, 2011

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This game is not worth your time. I was addicted to the original Bust A Move 20 years ago, so I'm a long time fan of the franchise. This game, however, is shovelware.

Don't get me wrong, it's playable, and Bust A Move is hard to screw up. But this looks and plays like a shareware clone from 2001. The only graphics that look decent are the character sprites, and there aren't many of them. Bust A Move Universe actually lacks features found in the original game: For example, the levels are all widescreen panoramas, which are fun to play now and then, but lack the claustrophobia and challenge of the classic vertically oriented fields. Also, there is no single player VS mode, which was my favorite of the older versions.

The new features don't add anything to the game: the new power-ups are too powerful, and "Bonus time" is incredibly confusing. The only reason this version exists is that Taito seems to want Bust A Move to exist on every platform, and the 3DS just came out. By the way, turn the 3D off. The game-play is entirely 2D, and having a constantly animated background scrolling by in the distance is just distracting. Honestly, you should just download Frozen Bubble on PC for free instead. If you must have Bust A Move on the go, there's got to be a better version out for DS... either way, don't waste your rental here.

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More of a cop out than an update. :(

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Sep 14, 2011

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It amazes me that square enix had any part in this game. This game feels like the kind of short simplistic game that you would normally find on a cell phone. The graphics are nice and big and my mother can see and play this game because of that. Other than that, she actually preferred the old SNES version which looked almost as good and had way more versatility(except for the old password feature). I don't even particularly think the 3D graphics were worth the rental for me. It might have been worth it if they had made it a download like let's golf 3D for no more than $5.99.

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