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The Game that Started it All.

posted by ATHF89 (ARROYO GRANDE, CA) Nov 13, 2011

Member since May 2010

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First off I'll say this, don't rent this game expecting it to be Burnout Paradise because remember this game is almost 10 years old and is the first game. Burnout plays like a classic arcade racer complete with a timer except for the fact you can wreck your car. Yes you can't do stunts or Takedowns and all you do is six grand prixs in the whole game remember this is the very first game in the franchise.

Graphics - While these aren't important the graphics were awesome back when the Gamecube was out. Even today they still hold up nicely. The sun glare is a nice touch and for the time the damage was so awesome.

Audio - The crashing sounds are the biggest part of the audio and still sound nice. Again not as detailed as newer titles but it was the first game so give Criterion Games some credit. As for the music it fits each track perfectly. On an interesting note if you crash too much during a race the music will change to a more intense song. Oh and I should mention the music is MIDI, not licensed. License music didn't happen till EA acquired the Burnout franchise.

Gameplay - Ah, this is the most important part about a video game. The Gameplay is simple, win all races in 3 laps before the timer runs out. To add more time you pass through checkpoints along the way while avoiding crashes. Crash too much and you'll lose the race. A fair warning, this game is really, really hard but the gameplay is really fun. There is also a boost meter, problem is you have to fill it completely to use it then use it all in one go. To fill it you drive like a maniac; drive on the wrong side of the road, drive close to cars, and drift. While using boost keep driving crazy to create a boost chain, this is the secret to winning the more difficult races.

Overall - I've been with Burnout since the beginning, I played this game when it first came out. I say all Burnout drivers should spend the time to play the game that started it all. Yes it lacks all the stuff most of you are used

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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent, Not Great

posted by Xiang12 (HACIENDA HEIGHTS, CA) Mar 26, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

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I really was expecting more from a Burnout game. I saw the most current Burnout game and thought this game would have all the glorified crashes I came to know and love. Unfortunately, all the game is is a arcade racing game and nothing else. The are no crash challenges and no ability to knock NPC cars out of the way with a boost. Crashing in the game only gives you added points to your "insurance." Basically, crashing will pretty much cost you the entire race. The game is pretty unforgiving as well. To unlock cars (assumption) you need to beat tornaments. Tornament are almost impossible to get through. On the plus side, the game has excellent reflections and graphics. It also has all of the goods that games like the "Rush" series has such as drifting and the option of automatic or manual driving. It's basically not a Burnout game. Its just a standard racing game.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by ollo (WYOMING, MI) Mar 3, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

its pretty good but not amasing I think a 7

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