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Burnout Revenge


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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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Very Good

burnout revenge

posted by luckmcduck (ANTIOCH, CA) May 24, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

alright so when i got this game i had a lot of fun playing it online and playing crash it made me put down ghost recon for a little bit but still it does get boring after awhile but this game is a good game and you should defiantly check it out

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Burnout gets revenge

posted by Weeble (TACOMA, WA) May 21, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

Yay, another previous gen port to the 360. wahoo.... well this is the first port that really does work and is dare I say worth the re-investment. Why? Well for one, anybody who played the last generation version of the same will be gleefully pleased that the absurd engine rev timing thing you were forced to do prior to taking off on the crash courses is GONE! Remember? How many times did we miss the timing to either stall, or watch our engine explode? Well I know some of you have jedi reflexes and didn't mind, that's OK. This iteration packs everything you know and love from the last gen version. No you do not get any new tracks, and or content beyond some downloadable cars (which many are free by the way)and the ability to just press down on the gas and go crash mode is deep enough, but this version is pretty! I mean shinny as all get up. The sense of speed is like nothing else. For those unfamiliar with the game (it's 2006, and yes Bush is still our dictator) you no longer crash in to NPC cars as long as you hit them from behind, which may cause your challenging racers to slam in to them for a takedown. COOL! This feature is called Traffic Checking, and love it or hate it, it brings a new element to the series. The takedown events seem a bit more difficult on the 360 version, but still pack a wallop of adrenaline rushed evil grins.
Back to the visuals. Dang this game look good! The environmental details are outstanding and complex. Frame rate is smooth as butter, but not as greasy. Sounds design is excellent, and you can make it better by loading and playing your own speed inspiring tunes. QOTSA makes good race tunes. Never mind... The engine sounds are still a little on the "so what" side, and sound relatively the same from one car to the next, but that is forgivable and a minor complaint. Burnout Revenge 360 is a must own. And even a big treat worth getting if you can upgrade your burnout collection. Now...go smash something at 205 mph

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Burnout Crashes with the 360 ?

posted by gamerater (KATY, TX) May 20, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

Story- Play In Different Modes. If It Is Crash,Race,or drive mode then get ready to become a burnout champ.

Graphics- Okay But Not So Different Then The Xbox Counterpart. (Rating 8.0)

Gameplay- Wonderfull Controlls And Different Styles.
(Rating 10.0)

Overall Rating- (9.0)
"Burnout Finds It Way Through The 360 And It's Collaterall"

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