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Also on:PS2, Xbox
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GF Rating

Very Good

Race or Smash, Race n Smash

posted by Flymustang (GARLAND, TX) Nov 26, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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If you like driving a car at very fast speeds, this is the game for you. The race is on city streets and not on a track. The other cars are obstacles to test your reflexes or weapons to be used against your enemies.

The smash component of the game is unique. Challenges in the game allow the player to do as much property damage as possible with spectacular crshes and explosions. In addition, driving and smashing cars is fun too.

It contains a number of unlockable cars that can be almost any color for customization. The choices available should suit any taste.

The soundtrack is top notch. Rock n roll tunes appropriate for the game.

A must rent at the least for any who enjoy race games.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by EderPaz (LOS ANGELES, CA) Nov 4, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I played this on the original Xbox and played this for the heck of it.

There's nothing really here that has changed from Burnout 3.

Either way, it still is a decent game.

The graphical upgrades are noticeable and this game is still visually appealing, and for what it's worth, no other game offers what Burnout does.

I hardly found any glitches and it gets pretty tough around the end.

OH!! And if you're going to play online... BE PREPARED!! I was booted several times just trying to play, which means people online are not very open to people trying to enjoy this game online.

Can't wait for Burnout Paradise.

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GF Rating


Great (Destructive) Fun!

posted by Statyck (BELMONT, MA) Sep 30, 2007

Member since May 2007

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Okay, the Burnout title may be getting a little old and maybe feeling like it is at it's maximum capacity of fun. I would call Revenge the last of it's kind as E3's Burnout Paradise will not be the same but none the less great. There are events - as there are in all Burnout games - in which you unlock as you progress through the game. Races are, surprisingly enough, not the main aspect of the game. All the modes are spread out to generate an all in one feeling. The best mode in this game is Road Rage, you have to smash out all the enemy cars before time runs out and is a blast to play. Crash mode is fun for some but if you are a Burnout on the elite rank like me, you are trying to perfect everything. Whenever, in crash mode, you time something wrong you must restart it. I have done this so many times, it is unbelievable. It may be frustrating for a few trying to perfect all events. In races if you crash at the end right before you are going to win and come in sixth place this may result in a scream to the television. The controls are solid and responsive and aftertouch is very handy =) Online mutliplayer is brutal and addictive to get your world rank to the top. Burnout has that feature that is spreading throughout video games wich is clips. You can record any moment in an event and share it with your friends! The intensity is what it boils down to with this game. I highly recommend this Burnout title for recreational players who don't need to have a perfect score on every event they play. This one may be a fun, but frustrating experience for hardcore players but overall, I recommend it for anyone. This leads to my score of 8.8/10

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