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Burnout Revenge

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Also on:PS2, Xbox 360
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Reduce crashes around curves

When going around a curve do not release A. Press the brake and turn in the desired direction and you will drift around the curve. This will help lessen crashes.

Drifting around corners

When drifting around a corner (mainly hairpins), if your car is oversteering into the inside wall hold NOS and it will move away from the wall. If your car is heading for the outside wall, release Accelerate and it will move away from the wall.

Super-Fast Crashbreaker in Crash Mode

If you want to quickly do a crashbreaker on cars with a force 10 crashbreaker like the food mobile, hold down the Impact Time button before your crashbreaker meter goes to 100%. When the bar's full, it'll go back down a lot slower than normal, and you can shell out a crashbreaker in about half a second.

Heavy Cars

Heavy cars ar best at smashing through traffic, but slower with less Aftertouch responsiveness (but are less affected by wind). They have the most powerful Crashbreakers.

Medium Cars

Medium cars are good all-rounders with balanced weight, speed and Crashbreakers that promise decent crash performances.

Light Cars

Light cars are quick, agile, and jump well but lack power in impacts and Crashbreakers. Aftertouch skills are tested when jumping in strong winds.

Easy Crashbreaker

Press A when your Crashbreaker bar is at 99%. You will only have to tap B two or three times to get a full Crashbreaker. Use Impact Time on Crash events before the Crashbreaker meter fills. The slower time makes the Crashbreaker easier to bring back up to 100% without having to wildly tap the button.