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Excellent. 10.

posted by ASCENSION (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Feb 2, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

The only bad part about this game is when you wreck it shows it all slow motion which really wastes time in the long run.

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Burnout Has Burnt-Out

posted by BigJoeker (FALLON, NV) Feb 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

I thought the demo was neat, but when I rented it, it only took me 10 minutes before I figured out that no effort was put into this game.

The HUD was dumbed down to nothing. Just street names, map, and boost. Cars are good detailed and little bits of the city but thats it.

Racing in this is practically boring and much easier to knock someone out. Bugs litter this game really bad, I drove on a curb from what I estimated to be 10mph to go into a garage and it wrecked my car. I hit one of the ramps and it stopped me in mid-air and re-spawned my vehicle halfway into a building. When you lose a door or see through the windshield you have no driver in the vehicle. I was driving and my vehicle hit an invisible van.

The start menu wasn't worked on well. If you loose a race you have drive all the way back to the street you did "burnout" on just to do it again(you can't press start and hit "restart race"). And they're 6-8? finish lines, can't remember, but every race practically leads to the same destination.

Some races, well a good bit need a certain vehicle to use to race with. And the map doesn't tell what races give what vehicle.

The TIPS guy gets annoying real fast, and if you turn him off you can't tell if you're doing a race you've already done. So its either hear him talk constantly or chance doing the same race all over again.

·Overall: 3/10 - This game is for major fanboys.
·Graphics: As always from EA; decent.
·Gameplay: Boring, AI is dumb and bugs litter this game.
·Play Back Value: None
·Sound: Some good music, to much Emo and never wases.
Online: Hardcore fans only.

My honest thought: This games sucks, Burnout 3 and Revenge are better games. Seems to me that Paradise City was an altered version of Need For Speed: Most wanted's city. I say wait till the next Burnout. Play Need For Speed: Prostreet.

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GF Rating


Paradise is kind of Burnt out

posted by Behemoth26 (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Jan 31, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

It seems like people either loved this game, or they hated it. I am stuck in the middle. The idea of making Burnout less linear is perfect, You get to explore Paradise while you move on to your next event. The only downside is that there is no menu to play the races after you found them. This is annoying especially when you only have ten events left.

I liked the idea of not making designated routes for the events, giving you a chance to imprivise more which should make the replay value greater(but it doesnt) in all reality there is usually only one good route with a few shourtcuts. Not to mention the fact that there is only 8(yeah Eight)different finish lines in the entire game which makes nerely every race feel the same when you get toward the end.

The junkyard says there are 75 cars(i only got 70) Which you can choose from at any time you like.the only downside is that there is really only 35 cars that if you win the burning race for you get the same car with different stats(they always take one point from speed or boost and move it to the other)

The new showtime is a useless replacement for the old crash mode. the crashes are very dule and could go on for as long as you want(not to mention it took me half the game to stumble on how to do it. press RB+LB) The only thing I like about it is that its not a maditory part of the game like the crash mode was.

Online play is another disapointment, its fun if you just want to go around taking down your friends, otherwise it could take a while to get people together for a race which kind of made it a bore after twenty minutes.

When the game is explained in the begining it is very easy to miss key points,like if you stop for 5 seconds you could restart the race.I played half the game driving back to retry races until i paused to yell at the tv

Overall this game is worth the try. It was a big change from the last one but its still burnout. A racing game full of wrecked cars and flame throwing exausts.

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