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The way it is meant to be played

posted by Mrwasted (ESCONDIDO, CA) Jan 29, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

After reading all 20 reviews that people posted of this game, I have to say I am appalled. Half of the reviewers complained about things that they didn't even know what they were talking about.

"I cant restart an event after i started it"

Uhh..yea you can. Like the game explains to you early on, just stop and wait for about 5 seconds and the event resets. (helpful if you crashed early on and want to try it again)

"I hate driving all the way back to an event"

I doubt that all of you who said this only had less than 5 events left where this is even mildly felt. It is a DRIVING game people, you are supposed to DRIVE around and find all the shortcuts so you LEARN the map and don't have to stare at your mini map.

"DJ atomica is a Flaming h0m0"

Quick fix, turn off the "tips" under options and he shuts up really fast. I actually haven't heard him say anything since i silenced the tips.

"On line freeburn is a waste because I cant setup a race"

Well that's why they put in ranked or player matches! You can choose the specific event you want to do and viola, your racing/slamming/crashing all you want. Freeburn is just that. FREEDOM with up to 8 players

"They got rid of classic crashes and I want to stick a 12-gauge in my mouth"

Wow...okay well albeit the new showtime is definitely not the same as the classic set up, you have to take this whole game with a new look. The amount of randomness included in showtime is so new and fresh I'm glad they mixed it up instead of having the old style back in there.

So are you people are saying you just wanted a burnout revenge with updated graphics? You would have hammered EA for being repetitive. The game is very well rounded and includes many fun hours of online/offline play. If you are stuck in the past, then stay there and leave our new, awesome, fun, and refreshing game alone. /clap thank you ea for mixing it up.

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Not the best.

posted by MichaelCO (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jan 28, 2008

Member since Apr 2004

I was really pumped for this game, and when I finally played it I was really disappointed. First of is that I was playing in on my regular tv and couldnt see anything that was going on because everything was so detailed. The mini map that the give you should have the option of selecting a destination and drive there with a blue arrow like NFS games. It take awhile to figure out where you are at on the map and where you want to go without getting lost.

Later I plugged in the HD and the game blew me away. The detail in this game on HD is probably the best I have seen out of any racing game to date. Honestly it is very close to real live. Now as far as the game play goes. I have been playing for two days and I am already 25% done with the game. I havent played online yet because I dont know anyone with the game.

In conclusion, only buy this if you have a bad as HDTV, otherwise it is blurry and you wont be able to play well.

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posted by rachandkev (NEW CANEY, TX) Jan 28, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

WHERE ARE THE CRASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do like the new changes but they left out what set them apart from all the other racing games. They left out too much of what the old burnouts had to offer. I was very disappointed in this game. It does not hold up to what it could have been. BRING BACK THE CRASHES!!!!!!!

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