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Awesome Racing for PS3

posted by FenwayFan2 (WHEATON, IL) Feb 2, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

This is one of the best PS3 games i have played so far. It's open-world aspect makes it for a much more free experience.
The graphics are really good even if the max is 720p.
The multiplayer (online-only) is almost as good as the single player. When you are a host you can create a custom race. Start, Checkpoint, and where it finishes. Multiplayer is also an open-world environment. About 250(est.)events online make it even more fun.
On every street in paradise city, their is a record for time and crash, online and off. If you get the highest crash score, and fastest time you own the street.
If you are a big fan of the crash mode in previous titles, you may either be upset or really happy about showtime. Showtime causes you car to turn and flip over(if no crash),or if you hit a car you can bounce the car everywhere through the city. This is the replacement to the crash mode but can make it more fun since it is open-world.


This is a pretty well rounded game and if you are a fan of the burnout series you will surely like this next installment of Burnout.

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Can't Change Volume of Music/Car in 2008?

posted by Bubbha (REDLANDS, CA) Feb 1, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

I will probably play this game again at a later time, but I was so annoyed that as I was driving around, there was no way to alter the sound. Sometimes I just want to hear cars, sometimes just music. Granted, the music here was good. So I just wanted to hear it. If it annoys me after a while, I just want to hear sound effects.

There seemed no intuitive way to do this, if any way exists at all.

I thought I might like this, driving around, freely. But I can't even control the volume? And this is 2008? Please. That's a user-hostile experience.

I also did not like that EVERYTHING was rendered in this lame greenish tint. I assume they used a limited pallette to keep the frame rate good. Fine. But why not transition to other palletes, like while the player is in a tunnel?

So while the 'universe' of this game was very large, it all looked the same. It had none of the snappy artistry of other car games like, dare I say it... even Ridge Racer. At least there, you have a different feel, through different scenery.

No, this was a well-streamed world with good control and physics where everything looked... bland green.

And why do the crashes always occur in slow motion? There should be a setting to control this, to let everything happen in "real-time" if you want, or to go back to slo-mo... or player-controlled slo-mo, for the crashes.

I was so disappointed in a "next-gen" game, in 2008, that didn't even give me the choice of controlling the volume of the car and of the music?

This is ridiculous, fascist. Yes, let's let EA dictate what volume levels should be. The fact that something this simple was never allowed to be controlled by the user, I find simply repugnant.

It's 2008. Doing something that simple would have gotten an 8 rating, so I could drive around, like in the old days, controlling the sound.

But EA couldn't even give the user that control, and that is arrogance.

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You'll Want to Keep It

posted by Freeze17 (KUNA, ID) Jan 30, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Jan 2005

This game is so much fun you will want to keep it. I think it delivers a solid performance in graphics, music and gameplay. It's alot like GTA only you are in a car the entire time. It is seemless to go online with very little load time. There is a ton to do from finding objectives, racing, or scoring on the biggest crashes. Check this one out!

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