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Burger Island

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Burger Island

posted by Cangel76 (SOUTHINGTON, CT) May 15, 2009

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It is a fun game but repetitive, even though they add new burgers, it gets to the point where you are like, "I have already done this." Not to mention my hand went numb after a while. It is fun but not something I would ever buy. Glad I got to try it out first. My son is eight and couldn't get past the 9th level and there are a ton. I forget how many exactly.

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I want off Burger Island

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 8, 2009

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You're marooned on an island and the only way off is to sell burgers to the natives - which I found to be very troublesome.
Yes, this is a customer service game that will drive several people away from customer service jobs. In Burger Island, you prepare burgers, fries or shakes to serve your customers.
How? That depends on the items.
For Burgers, the first step is to fry the burger, then when it's ready, put it on the bun, then place the condoments in the right order, then the top bun to finish the dish.
For fries, you fry the prepared potatoes, and when its done, put them onto the dish and place the spices (or ketchup) in the right order.
For drinks, you place the milk, then other ingredients (like chocolate syrup, ice cream or peanut butter - yes, peanut butter) mix it up, and maybe put on whip cream before putting in the straw. Putting in the straw finishes the shake.
Once a burger, fries or shake is done, a guy picks it up and you get money. You have to make a certain amount of cash to get past the level.
But it's not that straightforward; you'll have to juggle up to four dishes at one time.
The controls work well - if I was given the time to actually make the food or drink that the customer wanted.
But Burger Island ratches up the difficulty by making the customer very, very impatient. The second half of the sixty levels gives very little time to make each of the dishes; when time runs out, you lose the dish and the chance to make the money. This happens so often that I'm thinking WHY CAN"T THEY JUST WAIT HALF A MINUTE?!
And for what? For more complicated recipies and more headaches?
If you're up for this sort of aggrivation, go for it. But you do realize that we have the option not to play the game at all.
In fact, it's an option I would like almost everyone to take: not playing Burger Island in the first place. SKIP IT.

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posted by rodfong591 (ESTES PARK, CO) Dec 26, 2011

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This game is LITERALY a shockwave game. the computer one is fun but to transfer it to the wii is another story. Bad Grapics,Boring Story,Horrible Sound Effects,Stupid Backround Music. The list keeps on going.

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