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posted by taylorbrac (TUCSON, AZ) Oct 17, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

26 out of 36 gamers (72%) found this review helpful

When I first heard about bully (exactly one year ago) I was so excited. The game got delayed so much from April to June to July I had lost interest in it. When I recently received the game I was very excited. Some of the great things in bully were:

1. NO TWO PEOPLE ARE THE SAME. Every single person is their own individual.

2. FARMILIAR FIGHTING. For those of you who have played the Warriors you will remember the simple fun controls.

3. GREAT STORY. The story is great but sometimes lacks variety.

These are some of the things I think ROCKSTAR should have done better on.

1. THE CAMERA CONTROL SUCKS. It is very difficult to try and move your player while messing around to get the right angle.

2. BETTER WEPONS GUYS. The weapons are not that fun and break easily. My least favorite would be the slingshot

CONCLUSION: Fun story, and very funny themes gives this great game a good rating

9.1 out of 10

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Very Good

Great Game!..... At first.

posted by Thorvault (SANTA ROSA, CA) Oct 25, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

15 out of 22 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

When you first start off in beautiful Bullworth Academy, you are Immersed in the improved visuals and game play beyond that of the GTA series.

Rockstar Vancouver did a great job with the AI and Game mechanics. With customization of your characters Hair, clothes, and even Tattoos. You sure not to be disappointed by that.

The Game also makes great use of Its fighting controls. Learning and Earning combos is fun and Worth it. And the ability to use weapons ranging from a baseball bat to a Bottle Rocket launcher definitely adds to the fun.

Now for the Negatives! At first Il admit that I was hooked on this game. With its good graphics and controls, and even better storyline, I thought I was in for a gaming experience. But sadly the Game kinda of loses its "pazazz" and starts to decline. Right around the End of the 4th chapter I really didn't really seem to care what Happened to Jimmy any more. The fighting gets really repetitious and the boss battles can all seem to be won by running away and waiting till the enemy was tired, then shooting him in the dome.

Even with its short story line and redundant game play. Its still a good Game. In my opinion, a good Rent, not buy.

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posted by Grimsta (CLEVELAND, OH) Nov 12, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

Wow real impressive game with good gameplay good story mode and fun things to do you just cant get tired of those stinkbombs, and music kicks in while you are playing and makes you play even more!

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