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Bully: Scholarship Edition Review Don037

posted by Don037 (DUPO, IL) Apr 22, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

I want to start by saying I never played through Bully on the PS2. I can't say if it's improved at all or if this version it worth playing through if you've already beaten it before. With this in mind, I really liked this game. It was fun and that's what good games I'm not supposed to spoil anything, but the premise is you play as Jimmy Hopkins a new student at a very bad school. This is a rockstar game (nice to start seeing those on Nintendo consoles) so it's an open world game. Not that every rockstar game is open world, but it is kind of what their famous for. Anyway, at first you're kind of limited, but as you progress more area is unlocked. One of the things is that you play as a 15 year-old kid. He can't drive so you're stuck with a skateboard or a bicycle. Slow going around a large area. Yeah, there are some motorized vehicles but one requires a lot of mini-game playing, and the other doesn't unlock until practically the end. Another rockstar trait is to make a game with a percentage. Bully is no different, but requires some strange stuff to get 100%. Also, I don't think you get anything for doing it. What's the point of spending all those hours to get 100% when there's no benefit to it. Another thing, why can't we play through the storyline again after you've beaten it? To see the storyline again, you have to start a new game and lose all your upgrades. If you've already finished the game, why not allow that player access any part of the story. Anyway, this game was fun and the story kept me interested. I rated this game an 8. I recommend this game to anyone with a sense of humor and feels like a little payback to those who tortured you in school, virtually of course.

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Excellent game!!

posted by nirvana1 (NEWTOWN, CT) Apr 19, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

i am bullys age so i might find this game more amusing than other people but i rented it for its high critic rating and how the plot sounded its fun with the wii remote too punch i would recemend this game too people who like the adventure category.

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Better than the first.

posted by gibbyfer (LONG BEACH, WA) Apr 17, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

I bought the first Bully for the PS2 and I thought it was pretty fun, but the game was so easy that I didn't really feel i accomplished much. I was thinking it would be like Grand Theft Auto or something. Scholarship edition was a lot better than the first. Using the nun-chuck to swing your arms made the game uber intense. Also there are some new classes like biology. Using the controller to move your hands and dissects frogs, birds and other stuff makes the game more realistic from my point of view. I give this game props its definitely a rent!

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