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Very Good

I Was Skeptical... Was,

posted by DialUp2335 (ELGIN, TX) Jul 11, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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Alright, so this is my first review I've ever written, but this game pretty much inspired me to write it.

First off, I got this game on accident, but well I guess that was a way of getting me to play it.

-Very Well Built Storyline
keeps you entertained for mostly the entire playthrough

-Easier Achievements
the achievements aren't hard, plus you have all the time you need to get them

-Very Fun Gameplay
the game, simply put, is fun, nothing else really describes it

-Good Audio
not the best but it doesnt get repetitive

-Good Graphics
this game's graphics are pretty good, as the game IS old, the graphics were done right

Just a very good game in general, very original, and will keep you entertained


The only con i can think of for this game is the achievements are a bit strange "kick 100 soccer balls", "walk 100,000 meters on foot", "receive 25 kisses from the gents"
but i mean it's no major flaw on the game.

The game overall is a very great game, awesome storyline, and fluid gameplay.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by MagicNinja (THEODORE, AL) Mar 14, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

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Sadly I gave my PS2 to someone less fortunate when it comes to game systems before Bully was Released. Thankfully it has been ported to the X-BOX 360 and I can finally play this great game.

Now, graphics wise is just a small step up from the PS2 version. I really wish the graphics were better but then the game would have taken a lot longer to release.

Now there are bugs in this game. A few times I had a black screen that said "Please Insert Game Disc" or something along those lines. Which is odd because a dashboard blade usually pops up on the right and says it can not read the disc. It's a problem but not a big one. I've had to do some missions over again because of this, but to me it's not a big deal.

Other bugs that I have recently found are very small. Sometimes the game will freeze (But that could just be my 360 but I doubt it), sometimes the humiliate icon is unresponsive, the triggers in music class are sometimes unresponsive, and etc...

The bugs are just little odds and ends. If you love Rockstar or GTA you'll love Bully. I was never a big fan of GTA but I still love this game. It's fun, addicting, and funny.

The Skateboard controls feel very clunky, IDK if it's just me but it seems like the skateboard is a big hassle when it comes to making small or large turns. The Bikes handle a lot better, but the skateboard just bothers me because it's my only means of transport this early in the game.

All in all I give this an 8/10... 1 point was taken off for the bugs and one was taken off for the lack of productivity when it came to updating the graphics.

It's still a great game. So if you've never played Bully Rent this one. Or if you got rid of your old PS2 then buy this to enjoy those gaming memories of 2006 again.

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GF Rating

Very Good

ENTERTAINING, yet annoying at the same time

posted by CNTRINSGNT (MANVILLE, NJ) Mar 17, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

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As usual MY reviews contain the Good and the Bad along with a final thought.


Nice graphics, cant really complain in this department

you will want to play this for hours and boy does the time fly fast!

Fun and amusing missions, very creative and captivating

Somewhat easy achievements , I would rate it a 6/10 on achievement difficulty


In the year 2008 EVERY GAME and I mean every game!! should contain AUTO SAVE.
Not only is it disappointing to see no auto save, its a complete failure to the game overall!

You will need to play missions over and over due to no auto save and the extreme FREEZING issues this game has

You should save after every little thing you do because your game will freeze sooner or later, one time I lost 3 hours of play time because of no save and freeze issue

Its been known before the games release about ongoing issues with achievements and bugs, still no patch was ready, and no date is being released

Achievement glitches, MANY MANY people are doing what the achievements require only to have that achievement unlock 25 mins to 3 hours to 3 days later out of the blue... OR.... NOT AT ALL!


THIS is a very fun game, but also an annoying one due to the save and freeze issues and the glitches... HOWEVER its worth the rent and play because its so fun overall... I'd say give it a shot

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