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Very Good

Metal projectile and a violent disturbance.

posted by zargot (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 24, 2011

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Long awaited and well worth it I had a ton of fun playing this foul mouthed, over the top violent game.

Controls were that of a FPS but I have to give kudos to bulletstorm in that you were able to control the character much easier while running. Sound track was very fitting and the character voices really made the game what it is. Graphics were pretty good with no pix-elation or lag during play. Story line was everything you would expect when you combine violence, foul language, brutality and mutants.....Awesome.

The name of the game is killing the enemy as stylish as you possibly can. You can kick em, shoot em, blow em up and many, many other ways. Game play is fast paced and you will be surrounded by enemies most of the game so be ready to do whatever you can to kill. The game is a total blast to play, there are just so many fun and violent ways to dispatch the bad guys, the sliding and gunning simultaneously was new for me in a FPS, even playing through the game a 2nd and 3rd time felt fresh and fun.

Preforming "skill shots", these can be anything from slamming a guy into cactus to giving a guy a root canal with a drill gun, are essential to the game. Skill points are rewarded for you destructive creativity and used to buy new guns, level existing guns and purchase ammo. This is incentive to kill frequently and kill creatively or you might be left in the dust.

Echos was a fun addition after you beat the game, it lines up some of the most action packed scenes in bullet storm and you get to blow through them while trying for the highest score. I was unable to try the online features due to the PSN outage the world is experiencing at this time and didn't want to wait "X" amount of time in hoping they fix it.

All in all Bulletstorm was something totally new and innovative to the FPS world so don't miss out.

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Not a bad game, good for killing boredom

posted by NTNSE37 (AUSTIN, TX) Apr 20, 2011

Member since Nov 2009

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Bulletstorm wasn't as bad as I thought it may be from hearing the criticism from other users. The controls were a little confusing at first but then it got better after many repetitions. The leash is a pretty cool weapon and one I haven't seen in any games. The choice of weapons are very selective and I really didn't use but a few of them. Because most are not useful in the style of gaming that I played. The storyline was not bad at all and almost like a mini movie, but the dialogue was a plus in my book. Although it was vulgar for some younger beings, the smart remarks and quirky sayings were a big laugh!
I think the biggest negative for me was the graphics, I think they could have been a little more defined and sharper than what is given. Some objects are fuzzy when your close and enemies could have been a little more creative. However, it was a fun FPS and I can understand not all games are great but it wouldn't be a buy for me. I would say try it out and see for yourself, the characters alone have some hilarious sayings and the killing skills are many. Have a fun play!

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Bulletstorm, your better than average shooter.

posted by Klipsched (RINGGOLD, GA) Mar 18, 2011

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6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

-Bulletstorm is visually pleasing, offering up a teasing glimpse of a rich planet that would have been a lot of fun to explore.

-Lots of action to keep you busy.

-Weapon types offering interesting secondary fire modes.

-Getting rewarded for "style" gives you reason to take advantage of the game's play mechanics.

-The music and sounds of Bulletstorm are par for the course as far as shooter sounds go. Nothing here you haven't heard before.

-Multiplayer is typical fair. It's fun for a little while but doesn't offer enough depth for long term play.

-The game can get a bit repetitive by the end. Leashing your enemies into environmental hazards is fun for only so long.

-Why is there no cover system?! Every partner you get throughout the single player campaign can do all the moves you can do (with the exception of your leash) AND they're smart enough to fire from cover. Even most of your enemies take cover. What's more, the game so helpfully informs you to "Take Cover!" when you've taken too much damage. So, since there is no actual cover system, you're left with crouching behind the nearest solid object you can find.

-The dialog between characters tries way too hard to be funny and "edgy" but it just comes across as shallow, immature, and forced. The game would have been better if the developers would have reduced the amount of references made to certain male body parts and focused on more content. I'm not apposed to the language and the occasional crude joke, the dialog in Bulletstorm did get me to chuckle a couple of times, but it's shoved down your throat way too often to be funny.

So, Bulletstorm comes across as a better than average shooter. It's a fast and fun romp that shouldn't take too long to get through and you'll probably enjoy yourself while playing it. Just don't go into it expecting something genre defining.

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