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I didnt expect to have so much fun with this game.

posted by conscript93 (GERMANTOWN, MD) Jun 8, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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Honestly , when i rented this game, i expected it to be medicore at most. I was just looking for a game that I could fill my weekend with. To my surprise Bullet storm proved to be a very fun and exciting experience totally worth my time. If you're not bothered by loads of dirty jokes and puns , Bullet Storm should fun for you too. Its a fast paced arcade kind of game. You're challenged with numerous challenges that have you kill foes in diverse ways to attain points which are used to buy upgrades and ammo. It lets you explore some creative ways of killing enemies instead of the typical run and gun experience. And although you do end up blowing stuff up and kicking a large amount of foes, it never got dull for me. Bullet storm does a great job of keeping the pace going and for me never had any real dull moments. Its pretty straight forward and the game points out how to get to the next objective so theres not much time of being stuck on puzzles ( except for one achievement you have to figure out on your own, sorry people who like puzzles!) This game also does an amazing job with the epic destruction that goes around you. I know that sounds cliche, but you have to play it to know what I mean. This "type" of game isnt expected to follow a good story but this game's story is rather interesting and well put together. It might come to a surprise that for most of the game you feel very aware of being part of the story and not just mindlessly going from point A to B. For what it is Bullet Storm is also a very very beautiful game. It could easily be a title that hides into sombre settings with a dark feel like most games but it doesnt. Taking place on a abandoned resort planet, the game never fails to disappoint with its luxurious scenery and vivid colours. The only reason I give Bullet storm a 9 and not a 10 is because there was one or two glitches in the missions where i had to load my save and go back. So if everything is dead and theres no where to go you can assume.

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GF Rating

Very Good

The Intelligent Shooter hidden within.

posted by EmoChips (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Feb 23, 2011

Member since Aug 2007

97 out of 111 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

Warning: Game contains crude language and innuendo throughout its dialogue. Dismembering and blood is also quite big.

The Good:
-The Graphics: One of the best in the 360 alongside Enslaved and the Gears of War series. This is leaning closer to Enslaved [which also runs on the Unreal engine] as its environment, especially the plant life and buildings, look incredibly beautiful.

-The Crudeness: Think of this as Duke Nukem was in the 90's. Potty mouths galore, violence, and innuendo. Granted it doesn't have sexuality itself in any way [unlike Duke]. The main female "party member" is just as strong as the rest of the team, but also just as dirty. But there is nothing more charming than a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. If you are one that plays game to escape reality and just have a good time, this game is for you!

- Intelligence in your shooting: The game's tagline is to kill with skill. And it's perfect as it is undeniably true. You are given a list of skill kills you can perform [ie pretend to aim sniper bullet at one man then guide it towards another] and if you are like myself you will be obsessed, pausing to the menu every 5 seconds to see which kill you have yet to do. Quite addicting. You will NOT survive by simply shooting people straight up as you need to buy ammo and you need to purchase it with skill points [for the most part].

-The leash/kick combo- It is a fresh shooter mechanic. You pull enemies and objects towards you and they float in slow-motion [they also float when you kick them]. Quite addicting to find ways to combine them to kill people with the environment.

The dialogue- the story itself is cliched but the dialogue makes it worthwhile.

The Bad:

- The length: The game can be completed anywhere from 5-6 hours. I'm playing it in hard.

-lasting appeal- not very much after you beat it.

The Ugly:

- The story- like I said cliched and not very original.

Buy/Rent- Rent. Game is EXTREMELY fun but only until you beat it really.

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Great game, violence at its finest.

posted by Demon1337 (HARTSVILLE, TN) Oct 5, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

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I have to say i was glad to pick this game up. Taking the act of killing to a whole new level. The ability to have fun with the environment as well as the weapons made this game hours and hours of fun. I just with there was a bit more replaybility and co-op to it.

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