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Really Bad

Virtually unplayable

posted by frankbot (CHICAGO, IL) Feb 9, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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I read reviews saying the game suffered from UMD load/access times. I'm a pretty patient person. Burnout Legends remains one of my favorite PSP titles despite the pause between races. But wow, people were NOT kidding. This game is virtually unplayable. The game was clearly written with absolutely no regard for the potential problems of optical disc load times. I don't know how this is simulated in a development environment but however it is, these retards didn't do it.

It's one thing to have long load times between levels; it's another to have it interrupt gameplay. Seriously, your character will be walking across the screen, you hit the jump button, he moves a few pixels upward and then BOOM... you're frozen. You hear that lovely sshh-sshh-sshh noise PSP cartridges make and a second later your guy continues moving. Completely unacceptable.

If you could somehow magically fix the afforementioned problem, the game would be a solid 5 or 6. Nothing amazing but something to pass the time. Graphics are bubbly and cute, gameplay is decent. Too bad...

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Do not waste your time!!

posted by Allstategy (CHICAGO, IL) Nov 16, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

This game seems broken. The loading times are unbearable ( I have the PSP slim so it preloads info too). The actual game play is such that nothing is easy to do. the characters move in awkward ways and none of the objectives make sense. STAY AWAY!! nostalgia is best left as that(especially in this case)

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Not the same "Bubble Bobble" from my childhood...

posted by popeal (ANSONIA, CT) Jan 28, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

...and honestly, that isn't a good thing. A note to game companies - if you are going to come out with a game that people loved, why take out all the elements that made it fun in the first place?

The original "Bubble Bobble" was fast, quirky and just fun. This game is somewhat confusing, boring and lots of load time.

Just a waste of a rental and feel sorry for those that bought it - just got it yesterday, and sending it back already.

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