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Brute Force


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Bots in Multiplayer

Start a game of Squad Deathmatch. Plug in controller two and set the A.I to "Fire At Will". Go around and pick them up some good weapons and medkits, then disconnect the controller. Your squad will now be facing three heavy thinking bots in multiplayer mode.

Get an easy attack

Make sure to tell the other characters to support upon attacking a frag.


You'll soon come to realize that the enemy AI in this Digital Anvil shooter is highly clever. CPU controlled opponents will use cover to their advantage, dive out of the way of grenades, and attack in groups.

Gameplay Hints

Grenades are incredibly effective in this title and create an impressive explosion in the process. Since you can see far into the horizon during wide open stages you should be often looking for cover. Unlike Halo which requires a good amount of strategy and skill, Brute Force revolves around advanced combat tactics based on an assault force rather than an all powerful Marine taking charge.

Gameplay Hints

Don't become relaxed and play through the game with only one player, each character has specific skills and abilities that the game is designed to take advantage of at certain parts of the story.

Gameplay Hints

Keep an eye on your characters when you are not controlling them. Although the artificial intelligence for your non-controlled characters are pretty good they have the same chances of dying as controlled players. Each player is a clone and can be re-cloned if necessary but be willing to fork over a decent amount of money in the process.

Gameplay Hints

During combat, your teammates should fire at will, move around a lot, and throw grenades when there are a lot of aliens in a relatively small space.

Tex Specialties

Tex specializes in assault. He utilizes heavy weapons which deliver maximum impact with high accuracy. He can operate two weapons at once, and his special mode isĀ  Bezerker Mode (other characters can only use one weapon at a time).. Tex can also disarm heavy explosives such as mines. Tex relies on muscle power and the ammo he carries.

Brutus Specialties

Brutus is a spiritualistic warrior and his special mode is the Spirit of Vengar, which helps him heal any wounds and gives in infrared vision for keen vision senses. He also has an acute ability to sense enemies and traps, which helps forewarn fellow teammates. Brutus is a fearless fighter who relies heavily on natural instinct.

Hawk Specialties

She specializing in stealth and the power of invisibility. Basically the ability to cloak herself and sneak up close and personal to your enemy and slice them in two with your close range weapon, the Powerblade. She can more importantly bypass electrical systems and has sharp awareness.

Flint Specialties

She isn't very accurate from long range. She can lock on to targets and engage with increased accuracy. Flint is resistant to gas attacks because she is synthetic and lacks the ability to breathe. (Remember this one it will come in handy later in the game)