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Brutal Legend


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posted by ANDREW (CLEVELAND, OH) Oct 16, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

this is one of thoes games you just cant stop playing until you beat it. i found my self emersed in a world i can only describe as godly i love this game the multilplayer is great. there is only a few glitches. there are so many plot twists i was in shock this game is just fun its exactly what any one who wants to have fun needs to play

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posted by itsucked (PATTISON, TX) Oct 16, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

its a great game! i saw someone saying that it is annoying with all the metal music when you are cruising around in the duece but if you had payed attention u can turn it off by hitting down on the dpad. so if u dont like metal dont worry because u dont have to listen to it constantly even though it makes the game have alot more excitement. but besides that i love this game it has near perfect voice acting, great graphics, awesome moves u can do with ur axe combos and cool super moves like melting peoples faces off and calling down a burning zeplin from the skies to obliterate your enemies. the rts mode is very good imo for not being a through and through rts. some things can be frustrating with it but it does not affect the awesomeness of the game. the storyline is very amazing and the fact that someone thought all of it up and played it the way they did is also very satisfying. also the monsters and enemies you fight throughout the story are very cool u can ride most of them and do cool moves with them. but all in all its a awesome game it was everything i thought it would be and more. a definite rent if not a buy.

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Double Fine does it again!

posted by VeritasX (PHOENIX, AZ) Oct 16, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

Brutal Legend sets a new precedent in what is possible in a 3rd person adventure game. It skillfully combines auto combat with melee fights and full blown battles which require the player to command his army almost like and RTS.
Double Fine has a legacy of excellence, such as their impeccable Psychonauts (worth playing if you haven’t). They even put in an ingame gore and profanity censor so as to help transition Psychonauts fans.
The game play is a lot of fun, but what truly shines in this title is both the humorous storyline and the tremendous voice acting by high caliber names like Jack Black, Ozzy Osborne, and many other giants of metal. It is definitely worth playing if not buying.
The one downside I experienced is that the squad controls can feel a little too loose sometimes, but it is most definately worth playing.

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