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Brutally AWESOME!

posted by happythug (VANCOUVER, WA) Feb 1, 2011

Member since Oct 2007

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I would just like to say, that I can’t really think of a SINGLE THING that bothered me about this game and I’m a pretty hypercritical guy. So here is a list of its awesomness.

Graphics: Detailed, stylized, UNIQUE, varied and awe inspiring environments that I actually stopped to look at several times. Who thought a metal-themed-world could look so fascinating and beautiful.

Gameplay: Brutal Legend mixes elements from strategy, racing, action, open-world and RPGs flawlessly. Each form of gameplay is fun. Combat is always entertaining and fun to look at, and the game keeps giving you enough upgrades to keep things interesting. Avid explorers will be well-rewarded, as finding collectables is key to earning certain useful upgrades. Even fetching collectables is fun because you don't simply walk up to the floating-spinning-obtainable like in most games. Collectables are usually obtained by playing a short-song at a place or object where a tell-tale sign of goodies alerts you to the presence of something useful. Maybe it's the red-thorn flowers around an old monument, or maybe a dragon statue bound in chains. They are always easily identifiable, and not simply collected, but unleashed. Idols raise from the ground with sparks and lights. Dragon Statues scream fire and break their chains. Just driving around the countryside looking for things is fun in this game.

Story/Setting: Characters are humorous, unique and well acted. So many bazaar concepts are well imagined and brought to life by Brutal Legend. It took me totally off guard because I was really expecting some dank, dark and offensive metal-setting, and what I got was a colorful and beautiful fantasy/metal world. The story does a good job at motivating you to keep moving forward producing an adequate amount of “care” for its characters and events.

That's all the room I have for this review, but I encourage even the most skeptic of gamers to give this game a shot.

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GF Rating


You can't kill the Metal!

posted by SpaceApe (SACRAMENTO, CA) Nov 17, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

14 out of 21 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Take every heavy metal fantasy poster you've ever seen, turn them into a fantasy world where heavy metal is magic, drop an axe/guitar wielding super roadie on it, have Jack Black do the voice, and you have Brutal Legend. Truly one of the funnest, most unique, enjoyable games I've played in a long time.

Use metal guitar solos to summon flaming zeppelins down from the sky. Find collectibles in the world that unlock famous heavy metal rock songs to listen to in your heavily armed Deuce Coupe. Buy upgrades from the Guardian of Metal Ozzy Ozzborn. Free the land from Demons by bringing magic back to the world, the magic of METAL! And most imporantly...get ready to laugh.

The only down side of the game is that the story is very compelling and moves quick once you're in it. So make time between missions to look around and collect stuff. Not only will it make the final boss battles easier (due to upgrades and increased health), but if you're like me: roaming the world looking for collectibles is more interesting as a pastime between missions and not as something to do now that the game is done.

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GF Rating


Really good.

posted by gamezilla (CALDWELL, ID) Dec 2, 2009

Member since May 2009

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

It's a really good game and I would buy it because of the good aspects of it.

Good aspects of the game: 1. Multiplayer: The edition of multiplayer in a game like this is really cool to me and the different teams you can pick is also cool. 2. The car (DEUCE): The deuce is a car that allows you to go around the entire map without having to walk which is really cool, especially the fact that you can listen to music as well and if you get tired of it you can always mute it. 3. Ozzy Osbourne: Having Ozzy in this game just makes it really cool. 4. Upgrades: Upgrading the deuce and your abilities makes it more fun and quicker to get past levels. 5. Challenging: Throughout the game you do missions that are hard and that's what I like is a good challenge.

Bad Aspects: Like all games this game has bad things about it 1. You can't jump: Not being able to jump makes navigating a lot harder when it comes to getting to ledges. 2. Repetitive Sidemissions: There are a lot of sidemissions but they have you do the same thing over and over but in different areas. 3. After a mission: After a mission instead of the deuce being where it left off you have to summon it again just to use it again and th9iis just gets annoying and repetitive.

Well even though this has some bad aspects about it I still recommend buying this game I'm sure you would love it as much as me.

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