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Brutal Legend


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Very Good

The game rocks, but not rock solid

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Oct 16, 2009

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I wanted to really love "Brutal Legend". I really did. After all, what's not to love? It's got an awesome heavy metal soundtrack, bright and imaginative graphics, a good story, and solid voice acting by the likes of Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmeister, and Rob Halford, among others. So what may be the problem, you ask? Sadly, it's the gameplay. While for the most part fun, unfortunately the controls are a bit inconsistent in their responsiveness. When they work, they work wonderfully. When they don't, things can be a bit frustrating, and result in failure. While not so bad that they doom the game, the controls are problematic enough for me to say rent this one first. Also, the main campaign is a bit on the short side, though there are plenty of secondary missions to tackle once the main story is done, and the world is of decent size to wander about and explore. There is a lot to like, with varying game styles, but the controls just aren't solid enough to make this an absolute must have. Still, it is fun in parts, as well as funny overall, so I do recommend playing it. With any luck Tim Schaffer and Jack Black will be back for a sequel, and they'll get the problems in this game ironed out. The game is unique, and it should have been so much more. But give it a try. If you can get past the control issues, you'll have a rocking good time.

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Rock On!!!

posted by Warpug (FROSTBURG, MD) May 19, 2010

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5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

What can i say this game is Brutally awesome...while this isnt gonna stack up for any game of the year awards or anything its still fun and addictive to play.Jack Black is funny as always and the music is possibly the best out there(im a rocl fan if you couldnt tell!)i really like open world atmosphere the game has as it allows you to pretty much customize everything to your liking. However, the "stage" battles you have to complete are quite tiresome and can get very annoying... it is definitly the BIG drawback to the game but all in all i would definitly recoment this game to try.

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GF Rating


Brutal Legend

posted by Homeslice9 (LEBEC, CA) Oct 20, 2009

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The first half of Brutal Legend was awesome. It was hilarious and had great gameplay and was some of the greatest slice of game pie I've had in a while. I went in knowing that it wasn't a straight hack 'n' slash and has some RTS stage battles, but after the third battle I just wanted it to end. The humor cranked down from 11 to 1 in a heartbeat and

I don't know about you but every time there is a time gap of any kind like, I don't know the 3 month time gap in Brutal Legend. I feel like I get disconnected from everything, taken out of the game and have to get readjusted before I can start going again.
End of Spoiler

If you go in thinking it's slicing demon's this and decapitating emo kids that then you will be dissapointed, but they did the RTS controls for a console very well and it is kind of fun the first few times. Then it is just tedious and I found myself sighing every time I saw my stage go up. The heavy metal soundtrack was great and the open and expansive world was beautiful and great to explore.

The big reveal in the end was really cliqued and kind of obvious but the delivery was pretty darn good. I beat this in a day (no life or friends) and I will give it this, it kept me playing until the end, but I didn't get the satisfaction I was hoping for when I started playing. It's worth renting but the humor factory is shut down to build a deep intriguing story tunnel that leads to nowhere that interesting. Just be aware that this isn't a hilarious mindless beat em' up all the way.

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