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Looks like you're not in control BUT... YOU ARE

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Sep 13, 2007

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First to address the major gripe that everyone seems to have - the bowler does not follow your swing of the Wii remote:-
The animation follows a pros slow take back and swing pretty much regardless of how you move BUT DON"T BE FOOLED - the game IS recording the speed and straightness of your swing and the timing of ball release. So swing it straight and even and time the realease to coincide with the player graphic being at the bottom of the swing - a little fooling around will show you that the speed etc does make a difference. Granted it's not intuitive until you figure it out but once you do then it starts to be very like real bowling as the lane does change over time.
It then becomes a game of figuring out where the sweet spot is on each lane and what your best ball/speed combination is.
Add in the different oil patterns that come up in tournaments which require totally different play and you have a very realistic game which can be just as frustrating as a real lane which is what will put many people off.
Want a big hook - go down the side of the lane where there is less oil.
Want it straighter - use less speed and go down the center.
You will need something better than the House Ball to really start playing tho and that measn you pretty much have to win a tourney with the house ball which is tricky - not really a way around this frustration.
This is a game that needs more than a few hours play to really get past the initial stuff and get into playing the subtleties.
If you like bowling and you are prepared to deal with all the variables that affect your throws in this game then persevere and you will enjoy it a lot - everyone who doesn't fit into that, stay well away.

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Multiplayer/Control Issues (Wii)

posted by Wacko007 (QUAKERTOWN, PA) Aug 28, 2007

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I gave this game 30 minutes of my life, Here's why:

- You can only create a bowler in career mode. Playing a quick game with your friends means that you will have to enter single player career mode to create bowlers. (The interface for creating a bowler is terrible.)

- There is skill attributes for each bowler created and the only way to raise them, or upgrade equipment, or unlock content is to play single player. SKILL ATTRIBUTES? I'm throwing the ball!

- I throw a right handed, right hook sometimes in real bowling. This move is not translated in this game. It is in Wii Sports.

I'm sure the career mode has something to offer, but here is the bottom line: This game does not feel natural. You are releasing the button long before it actually starts down the lane. Also, bowlers should have no attributes on the Wii because YOU are the bowler. I have to raise my skill so I can throw my normal ball. I believe this game was just ported from the playstation. The bowler skill attributes are evidence of that. I gave it 40 minutes.

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posted by frozach (SUNNYVALE, CA) Aug 29, 2007

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I rented this title hoping to find a game as easy to pick up and play as Wii sports. What I found instead was a game with unintuitive controls, a lousy interface and a much slower gaming experience. Sure there are lots of customization options, but who cares when the game plays like molasses?

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