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Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

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Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Directional Pad Up = Selected Team Fall Out. Down = Selected Team Fall In. Left = Select Fire Team. Right = Select Assault Team.
Left Thumbstick Move. Strafe. Click to Crouch.
Right Thumbstick Turn. Aim. Click to Zoom.
A Button Jump
B Button Melee Attack
X Button Reload. Pick Up Weapon. Use.
Y Button Switch Weapon
White Button Switch Selected Team. Selected Team Fall In (Press and Hold).
Black Button Throw Grenade
Left Trigger Command Teams/Tanks
Right Trigger Fire Weapon
Start Pause Menu
Back Situational Awareness View

Directional Pad Left/Right = Switch Selected Team. Down = Fall In. Up = Fall Out.
White Button Switch Selected Team. Fall In/Out.
Left Trigger Left Trigger + Right Thumbstick = Move to Position, Fire Upon/Suppress Enemy. Left Trigger + Right Thumbstick + Right Trigger = Rush/Assault Enemy Position.

Directional Pad Up = Focus on Chapter Objective. Down = Focus on Sgt. Baker. Left = Cycle Focus to Next Item. Right = Cycle Focus to Previous Item.
Left Thumbstick Rotate/Tilt Camera
Right Thumbstick Click to Zoom on Target (Toggle)
White Button Toggle Focus to Fire. Assault Team. Tanks.
Back Exit Situational Awareness Mode