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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


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Pass on this game

posted by NeuroEd (ORMOND BEACH, FL) Dec 20, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

The graphics suck on this game. Looks more like a comic strip. The weapons are lousy as well; very poor accuracy and kill effectiveness. There are a lot more games out there - find one of them....this game pretty much sucks.

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Hel's Highway

posted by YakuzaShiro (BLACKSBURG, VA) May 29, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

This is actually a very unique game where you largely rely upon your squadmates to provide covering fire while you flank around or vice versa. The story is decent, the pacing is good, and giving orders to your squad never seems like too much of a pain.

There is however no tutorial and while there are constant flashbacks to what happens in the previous game it seems like it was necessary to play the previous game to understand the conflicts between the characters. There is a lack of weapon variety and the cover system can be inconvenient at times. The game moves at an incredibly slow pace as you are not an one-man army and your squadmates have a large significance in taking opponents down.

The game is very interesting despite it's downfalls and fails to deliver on certain aspects but it worth a try for those interested in the tactical shooter genre.

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Very Good

A must play to anyone who loves WW2 movies

posted by digiteer (LAKE WORTH, FL) May 7, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

Simply put, if you like the HBO series Band of Brother and the movie Save Private Ryan, you're gonna LOVE this game.
I really liked the Squad feature, where you command your guys to take position somewhere while you flank the enemies, pretty cool and fun.
It's a very easy game though (which can be a bad thing if you're looking for a challenge) and a little bit repetitive.
Graphics are obviously outdated by today’s' standards but still enjoyable.
One thing that is pretty awesome and innovative is the explosion mechanics in this game.
The first time you'll toss a grenade to 3 enemies hiding behind sand bags and you send them flying in slow motion, while one of them have been cut in half by the explosion with body parts flying everywhere it's quite the jaw dropping moment, SERIOUSLY!
The slow motion head shots mechanics were also pretty cool.
Story wise the game has a nice WW2 background and some story going on but I was expecting more from the characters, nothing groundbreaking and the story tends to drag a little bit.
Overall a solid 8/10 WW2 game.

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