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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


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GF Rating

Very Good

Great campaign, storyline and graphics

posted by StewieG2 (HAMILTON, OH) Sep 29, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

I started playing this game this past weekend and I've gotten through 6 of the missions and so far I have enjoyed it. As others have said, it takes a while to get used to the controller layout, but after the first mission or so you're over that.

For Xbox gamers, the achievements are pretty straight forward and attainable, aside from the chievos for playing once a week for 3 months, once a day for 100 days, and (at this point) playing the game on September 17th. The rest are for completing the missions, and various things that will come in time such as the action camera shots (for headshots and explosions for killing multiple enemies).

I have not tried the online yet, but it will probably be vastly different than the single player, as it'll be hard to find people to play to the strategy.

Give this game a look, get it on here, and if you like it it's only $45 to keep it.

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GF Rating


great WW11 shooter

posted by xerodeathz (SAN RAMON, CA) Sep 28, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

this game is 10 times better than call of duty 4 except for the multiplayer dropout. Brothers in arms not only has the most mindblowing graphics of any game to date, it has a incredible storyline and has many neat features. In this game u can control ur squad to flank the opponents and in cod4 u mainly had to do it on your own. But this game isnt completely perfect though. No one really plays the multiplayer and theyre some lag issues. The game types are no where near as fun as cod4. The achievements in this game are very well tuned just like call of duty except for the one that makes you wait a full year just to get it. Overall great gameplay, horrible online, great graphics, and a hard game to get bored of so so far this game has my vote for GAME OF THE YEAR

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GF Rating

Very Good

the story mode is great... multiplayer is BAD

posted by HipHop94 (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Sep 28, 2008

Member since Jun 2007

BIA has a great story mode... great explosions, sound, and gameplay.. also the gore system will amaze you.. if u want to understand the game fully make sure you play BIA road to hill 30.. because hells highway starts off from there.... there is a good selection of weapons to keep you interested.. if you want a list go to the brothers in arms website... this is a solid game that will keep u playing for about a week... but when u get tired with the story u will have to send it back because this game has the worst multiplayer ive seen in a videogame in a longtime... horrible graphics,only one mode which is capture the flag, there is lots of bugs, and horrilbe connections... i was looking for so much more in this game... but i am satisfied with the job they've done..... i will probably send it back in another week because i will probably be tired of it by then... this game is worth a rent but thats it

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