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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


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Perfect.... disgregarding multi-player

posted by JonMandell (HAMDEN, CT) Sep 29, 2008

Member since Mar 2007

One of the best WWII stories, but the multi-player is horrible. I hated the game at first, but once I changed the controls to "Tour of Duty" style (Call of Duty controls) the game turned into one of my favorites.

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Good Game But Not Great

posted by JeremyH (BROKEN ARROW, OK) Sep 29, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

This game is pretty good, but not great. So the review scores by IGN and such in the 7 range are right on in my book.

The gameplay is really the highlight of the game. It's fairly fun ordering your squads around the battlefield and they respond pretty good. Their AI is stupid at times as they insist on always jumping over cover to get to another cover point I send them to. This takes longer than running around cover so they end up getting shot up a lot more than they should, all because they insist on taking 100% direct routes.

The enemy AI is pretty impressive but at the same time they're way too smart. 90% of the time you're in any view of the enemy, even if you flank them, they immediately know you're there and fire. If you're lucky enough that they don't and you fire on them, they all within .000001 seconds stand up facing you and fire at you. This is pretty annoying, especially since firing in this game is horrible and riddled with tons of recoil. Aiming is tough.

The pause menu and objective/info menu are pretty cool with the map and such.

The sound is really good. I listen with the 5.1 DD track matrixed to my 7.1 setup and it's great.

The graphics are the worst part about this game. You'd think after 2.5 years of delays that the graphics would be top-notch. Nope. The graphics are HORRIBLE. 10% of the time, the graphics are great. 90% of the time, they're worse than a high-res Xbox 1 game. On top of that, the framerate is PATHETIC and there's so much pop-in for textures it'll take away from the gaming experience all the time. Graphics aren't everything in a game, definitely so, BUT when they're this bad it's such a distraction that you find yourself getting out of touch with the story.

So overall 7/10.

If you like FPS games and WWII shooters, you will like this. You have to enjoy squad-based shooters though as you can NOT run-and-gun this game.

Everyone who rents this will be glad they didn't buy it. Pretty solid but lacking a LOT.

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Great Rental

posted by Vonfolger (WINTER PARK, FL) Sep 29, 2008

Member since Jul 2004

If you enjoy hugging cover like Gears of War, and issuing squad commands like Rainbow Six, then you'll most likely love Brothers In Arms.

A few gripes : Relatively short (8 hours?), poor graphics in some areas, Character models look very similar, combat in close range is suicide.

Positives : Moving and realistic storyline, some of the best "bot" A.I. I've ever seen ( they really do use cover... well), solid voice acting and sound, a super gritty look at WW2 that does not pull any punches.

A great rental! Just wish it were longer and a bit more in depth. IE: Air strikes, Mortar teams, Sniper control etc...

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