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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


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Brothers in Arms: HE double hockey stick's Highway

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) Aug 17, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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-Historically, it was a good time period of WWII to choose
-Good cover system
-Teammates respond very well
-Watching stuff blow up in slow motion is pretty entertaining


-Voice-overs weren't the best, but could have been better
-Semi-short game, about 6-8 hours

This game is pretty good, it's definitely better than the previous Brothers in Arms entry Earned in Blood. This games does a lot of good things; Good cover system, teammates aren't stupid, enemies are very good at responding, weapons respond well, graphics were pretty decently good for next-gen, sound is well-done, and controls are nicely laid out. This game doesn't really have a lot of bad going for it, only what is listed above. Typical FPS properties still apply for this game, nothing spectacular, whatever you would expect from an FPS is here. Storyline is pretty obvious, just read up on Operation Market Garden from WWII and you will get the low down of the story. If you have played previous Brothers in Arms games such as; Road to Hill 30 or Earned in Blood, this game keeps the same premise, but for next-gen. Obviously you should rent before you buy, but it would be a good buy when it gets cheap, unless you are a BIA fanatic.

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my thoughs on this highway...

posted by kmess17 (SAUGUS, MA) Jun 24, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

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on a scale of 1 to 10 i give this game a 7, It's fairly good. You play as a squad leader in charge of anywhere from a machine gun team to a bazooka team, and you strategically place your men to attack and flank the enemy. Most of the time in the game is spent giving orders to your team and shooting from behind cover. So if your looking for a run & gun title like Call Of Duty your in the wrong place. My 3 biggest complaints about the game are the artificial intelligence, the controls, and the story line is sometimes hard to follow. Lets start off with the A.I., sometimes you may command your squad to position themselves behind a wall for example, and instead of taking cover behind the wall they jump over it, right in the line of fire. In the beginning the controls were hard to master, even after a few hours of game play the controls are still annoying. when your dug in, it's sometimes hard to come out of cover it's like your stuck whatever your hiding behind, and results in button mashing to get out. And last but not least, the story line. The way they place the events in the story could be confusing and have you wondering "what the heck?". Some things i like about the game are the action camera, it's nothing but gory awesomeness at its best. If your a military buff, you'll like the game, it's based on the 82nd airborne. The last thing i like is the destructive environment, if your hiding behind a wooden fence and it gets peppered with bullets it will start to come apart forcing you to take cover behind a solid object.

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posted by SinMetal (SCRANTON, PA) Nov 7, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

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This game shocked me. It recapped the preceding titles in the series, and put it all into a bundle of great first-person shooter game play and story. Unlike other FPS, where your character is a mindless and speechless drone, Brothers In Arms: HH gives you a refreshing experience with a character that you not only enjoy, but feel attached to. The story of Matt Baker and his squadron throughout Operation Market Garden was a wonderfully told juxtaposition of being in an actual war. The psychological and physical effects it takes on the mind and body. This title is in one way a conclusion to a story line, but the opening of a brand new one arises near the end. I would recommend this game to anyone nostalgic for a great WWII interpretation. 9/10

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