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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


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Decent Game But Ugly To Look At

posted by AJZANO (PARSIPPANY, NJ) Oct 1, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

The game gets down what it sets out to do which is be a ww2 shooter but the pace of the game and the graphics are not the prettiest.

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wow what happend to this game. I MEAN WT#?

posted by astro5 (INGLEWOOD, CA) Sep 29, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

Now many of u were hoping for this game to be good. I guess most of u found out that it was'nt. the gameplay in BIA is very DRY.the controls are a bit tricky & the graphics well thiers alot texture in the game that were really noticeable I mean even a 5year old could pick it out. the gore in the game was really neat it's cool to see the germans leg get blown off when U throw a grenade it's really Satisfying but not enough keep it or rent it unless u have nothing else to play. Now the squad control command is unique but the Ai really is'nt intelligent i mean u tell them to get behnd a wall and he over it and get shot what kind S### is that. Your squad is ideal for suppresing supoort but u end up handling the situation and take out the enemy yourself & most of the time your doing solo missions brother in arms more like man in arm. so if u want to check it out go ahead dont let my review discourage from playing it it just how i feel about the game.

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Just a bad game

posted by Death1102 (WARREN, MI) Sep 28, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

The first thing that made me upset is that I had to waste 10 min. watching the stupid video. Watching video's should be completely optional! If I wanted to watch a movie I would of rented one. Second thing that really sucks about this game is that you have to order people around. This makes the game very very unpleasant to play. I want to shoot Germans myself, not order the computer to do it for me. Also this game freezes up really bad--which is really inappropriate considering I am playing on a ps3 that is a week old. Don't even waste your time!
Seriously, I tried to like this game but it is simple not fun to play.

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