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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway


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Brothers In Arms

posted by jcgilmore1 (MANCHESTER, NJ) Oct 5, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

This game has great graphics and good story line, but the game play, movie mode and frequency of "hiccups" are awkward.

The default controller settings are awkward compared to other games of this genre. And the long series of movie scenes, especially the ones you can't skip through are a little annoying. Although they give you a good story, if wanted to watch a movie I would have rented one.

And it seems like there was a slight sacrifice in game speed for the overwhelmingly detailed graphics. Looks beautiful, but the hiccups and skips and drags are big detractors from the game.

The slo-mo headshot or good shot scenes are a very nice add. Makes me feel good to see a Na-zi head explode. And the realism of the gun accuracy is a nice touch as well. One shot one kill with an M1 carbine at 100 yards in heat of battle would rarely happen so I am glad to see the programmers kept a relative level of realism.

Bad: Graphics stutter too much, Movie modes with no skip feature.

Good: Slo-mo kills, "realism", tank driving!! Definitely need more TANK time - that was best.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Game is good, but online portion is not good

posted by LogKenosha (KENOSHA, WI) Oct 5, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

This game was well constructed. The game play is decent and the graphics of the game is incredible. The missions do get a little redundant, but the game still has the ability to keep you interested. The movies that are shown are decent.

The online portion is poor. Its cool that you can go into tanks and such, but its slow and the fluidness compared to the offline portion of the game is not the same.

I liked this one and its a good first person war game shooter. (not as good as COD4)

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GF Rating


are we all playing the same game?

posted by goflyers17 (READING, PA) Oct 5, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

seriously. all you people complaining about how bad the graphics are and how your game is freezing up and such... i havent had any of those issues. i can think of worse graphics than this. this is actually a realistic game, i think more realistic than cod4. no matter what, you cant just rush in guns blazing and come out of that alive. this game proves that. the headshot camera thing is pretty sick too.

i had fun playing this. i really did. no idea why it only had a 6.7 rating.

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