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Brothers In Arms: Hel1's Highway By Gearbox

posted by popeye065 (SAN JOSE, CA) Sep 5, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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Sorry Or Not This Is The Review In Nutshell.

This Game Is For Gamers Looking For A Different Kind Of Shooter, Sorry COD & MOH Fans. The Game Is More Strategy Base Than A Straight Up Shooter Like The Other Billion & One WW2 Shooters. Your A Sergeant & You Tell Your Soldiers Where To Go & What Squads To Suppress, Just Looking & Holding The L1 Or Whatever You Please. What Shocker There Is Actually A Story Besides Killing Nazis, Nope! Sorry Not Possible That Would Actually Mean Some Game Comps. Give A $h.!T About Gamers Entertainment. Yes, Baker(You) Is Being Haunted By His Old Friend, You Now Cassper Obviously, No Wait! Oh No It's Leggett, A Soldier That Baker Put In Charge Of A Squad With Close Men To Everyone. Then They Die Under Leggets Watch, He Tells Baker. After He Hears What Happened Baker Said Never Tell Anyone About What Really Happened. Keeping Secrets Wasn't Leggetts Specialty As He Went Insane When Him, Baker & Other Soldiers Are Fighting Off Germans Trying To Break Through Hill 30. While Bakers Was Hit & Laying On The Floor Legget Could Not Get A Respond Through The Radio & A Few Moments Later Jumps Up The Ditch Yelling,"TAKE ME!". Like I Wrote Baker Is Haunted By Leggett, In Multiple Parts He Appears, He Is One Of The Best Easter Eggs I've Seen This Gen, You Will Not Understand Till You Play This Game How Good The Feeling Of Being Haunted. Ok, Back Leggett In His Final Moments When He Was Exposed To Enemies He Was Holding Bakers Pistol. The Pistol Is Believe By Soldiers To Be Curse As Everyone Besides Baker Die Who've Hold It. Small Part Of The Story But A Good Part To Be In The Story.
This Game Is Rated 10 Because Of The Amazing Story & Great Game Play. I Did Not Include To Rate This Game Lower Because Of The Non-Entertaining Multi. The Multi Is Not A Reason At All To Play This Game Single Will Player Will Be Certainly Entertain Much Longer.

Note The Mispelling Of H.E.L.L & Cas.per Was Bc Gamefly said It Was Innapropriate.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great WWII eperience!

posted by Zeee13 (FAIRVIEW, OR) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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i was really shocked when the game got such a low rating ! its actually really fun and intresting...
---((graphics))--- are not the best ,but they are defenetly next gen grafix
---((controles))--- are not as smooth ..but u will get used to them..
---((story))--- its based on real events so like it or not thats what really happened !
---((gameplay))--- its really good ,ok I'm gonna remind u of an war old game we played on ps2 were u control your team its called CONFLICT:Desert Storm..yay good old school tactics..well this one is the same u have an assault team and a bazooka team and u control wich one attacks what part ..
if u like shooters and u are waiting for a good game to come out this is a good game to play while waiting...

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GF Rating

Very Good

"A standout if I've ever seen one."

posted by Thechubby1 (SNOW CAMP, NC) Nov 4, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

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This new Brothers in Arms has become one of the top WWII shooters in my book. I'd rank it up there with Call of Duty 2.

The series third installment pits Sgt. Matt Baker with opening the Highway, a supply line crucial to the daring but doomed Operation Market Garden. Along the way he struggles with his leadership decisions and is haunted by old memories.

Gameplay - 8/10 - The combat has been upgraded with a simple cover system that works very well. Add in a few new squad types and you've got a recipe for strategizing.
Graphics - 8/10 - Brothers in Arms never looked so good! The facial animations are amazing and the characters move with life-like motions.
Story - 7/10 - Basically a retelling of the Market Garden operation but the story within it stands out. Baker's internal conflicts draw you close to the squad, and was tugging on my heart strings in the game's final cutscene.
Overall - 8/10 - A standout in the ridiculously overdone WWII genre, and deserves a rental, at the very least. Gearbox and Ubisoft have created yet another great Brothers in Arms game.

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