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Realistic WWII Action with all the Trimmings!

posted by FillyOne (NEW YORK, NY) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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From commanding your small teams, to ducking and shooting, transferring from cover to cover (big part of the game), and even riding on the backs of Sherman tanks, capping Krauts in the dome never felt so good (joking)!

Overall, the game is pretty difficult - I'd say 8-9 in difficulty - but once you get into the groove of hiding behind cover and flanking your enemy, this game has it's own special open-ended realism that I found as you got better at understanding, the game became even better to play.

The shooting and targeting action is great. Bullets whiz by your head in awesome surround sound. True reconstructed towns and real battles fought by the the actual Band of Brothers style US paratroopers... You relive very accurate simulations of WWII country-side skirmishes across small European town and country hedgerows.

Action, graphics, sound, historical accuracy, amazing detail, and high difficulty all point to a top ten game rating. Did we mention killing Krauts? Well, that's only half the fun. Enjoy this one.

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Overall great game

posted by futurepope (GLENDALE, AZ) Jun 26, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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Like any game, EiB has its pros and cons. First off, I dont think there is any game out there that realistically captures WWII like Brothers in Arms does. This isnt your average WWII FPS where you're the one man killing machine running blatantly into enemy fire and mowing down waves and waves of Germans. No, in this game you actually have to strategize. You typically have a two unit squad accompinying you, one for assualt and the other mainly for supressing the enemy. While the 'move' command interface generally works seemlessly during gameplay, it definitely has its hiccups. For example, on one mission I attempted to move my Sherman tank down a road leading to a German AA gun nest. I ordered it to move behind a large hedgerow for cover, however the tank missed the spot by about 30 yards and ended up completely exposed to enemy fire, subsequently ending my chances at successfully rushing that gun nest. The same can be said about moving infantry units. It works mostly without problems but every now and then one of your men will drift out from cover and be cut down by enemy fire. Thus, its very important that you scout each location carefelly before you move any units, to ensure that they have adequate cover. I also want to stress that this game is very difficult. I'd say i'm a casual gamer and even on the 'Normal' difficulty level I found some portions of the mission to be extremely hard, taking at least 5 or 6 tries before completing them. Luckily the game does have a decent checkpoint system which allows you to simply go back to a checkpoint after you die, rather than having to start the mission over completely. What the game lacks in though, it definitely makes up for in pure action. It features almost perfect re-creations of Norman towns and landmarks, as well as very accurate weapons and character models. This is a MUST play for any WWII buff or any FPS fan who would like a game that combines a standout shooter with an element of strategy. 7/10

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The best world war 2 Quad based shooter

posted by Mustang (TRENTON, NJ) May 9, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

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Brothers in arms could have be the best game of the year it has a good story and ok graphics. Trust me brothers in arms is only for the most hardcore tactical shooting fans ,but sadly Ubisoft walk away from the game for that when you are playing the game it freezes for about 3 seconds or the game slows down. So we are stuck with a unfinished game A 7 out of 10

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