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Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood


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Really Bad

Another Good Idea gone terriblly wrong

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Apr 25, 2006

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Ok while i love first person shooter games i do not like the kind of game this is Why? One because of the Aimming system excuse me but i think if the Ai hits you every time then when your pointed at their head and shoot they should get hit, and why do you think that someone holding a rifle cant keep the thing steady I know the aim will move but not as much as it does in the game , in the game it is like the Guy your playing is drun. And Excuse me but The Game is way off on how much the Muzzle will rise if they did in real life like they do in the game it is a wonder anyone ever got Killed in the war , barrel rise of two ft from one shot I think not. Now to the other Big Problem with the game, Why is my guy moving like he is in water and everyone else moves like they are in High speed, and theres no way to make your guy run? excuse me but in war you need to be able to run, but in this game you can barely walk at a Slow crawl. If you ask me the Problem with Games today is the Game Companies think that the Games have to be as realistic as Possible or so they think but if you ask me the Programmers have no idea what Realistic is, so they get everything wrong like in this game.Oh and just because a Controller has so many buttons doesnt mean they all have to be used Somethings in this game dont really need to be in the game, and what is up with the turning speed i mean sheeeeeeeesh you either have to turn the speed up so much that you cant aim at anything because the controller is to sensitive or you turn it down so you can control the movement and then it takes forever to turn around.Oh and Not being able to see what your shooting at even when it is five feet from you is just wrong I really doubt that Every German Uniform was exactly the same color as the background no matter what color it was. And finally is the big problem of having no way to heal then again if the AI soilders werent able to hit you everytime they shoot you wouldnt need a way to heal yourself

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what to like about this game

posted by carmine (STATEN ISLAND, NY) May 16, 2006

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To answer my own question i did not find anything about this game i really liked, except the graphics and scenery were done nice and the over view shots were a nice touch. The command functions were hard to understand and use and before you can shoot anything you needed to do too many things for a shoot up game I was sadly disappointed. I think it needed to teach you the controls before putting you in the game right away was the big mistake at that point it is just too late. I gave this game a #1. I have played allot of war games but this was the worst.

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Good game.

posted by Taylor (SHELBYVILLE, IN) Apr 22, 2006

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The two-player option is what made me love this game. The skirmish mode made it. But, once you get sick of the missions, you're pretty much done, seeing as how there aren't very many of them. The gameplay is just about the same as the original, but if you love the original, you'll love this too just as long as you're not looking for something totally different.

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