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Brothers in Arms: Double Time

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its . . . . eh ... ok

posted by Diezeldog (CHESTER, VA) Jan 24, 2009

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I liked the graphics, I wasn't crazy about all the movie clips during game. would probably be better to play with a regular remote than the nunchuck combo

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Above Average

"Double Time" An average WWI game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 26, 2008

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In this WWII game, you're fighting the Germans with a squad or two of soldiers or tanks.
In each mission, you and your men are basically out to shoot every German on the field using squad based tactics.
In fact, they should just tell you at the beginning of almost every mission to just "Shoot the Germans".
How do you achieve that goal? First, you find cover near the enemy, have your squad take the cover and keep the Germans occupied with fire, and you go in and shoot the Germans while they're busy fighting off your men.
Then you repeat it again - and again - and again.
Those looking for a run and gun game will want to look elsewhere; if you try that here, you'll get killed.
The game also lacks visual punch - even by Wii standards.
Another major problem with Double Time is the field can get crowded with so many units that the Wii system can't keep up.
The game will freeze up for about a second, and there will be jerky motions of all soldiers.
Still, if you can look past these flaws (and the long load times), and if you like strategic shooters, then you will like what's offered in this game. It's very satisfying to sneak up on the bad guys and shoot them with various guns.
Brothers In Arms: Double Time is a game to rent and try to see if it's one you want to buy.

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Very Good

Here's the skinny.

posted by Zerodin (MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO) Oct 17, 2008

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Since I'm reviewing a port of two games. I'm just going to get to the point. If you've played the games on the PC/PS2/XBOX, and are hoping for new material, just stop reading now and look elsewhere.

Two games for the price of one.
Easy control setup, with effective gesture commands.
Bonus materials come already unlocked.
Great for FPS, and squad based strategy gamers alike.
Smooth IR aiming.
No game breaking bugs.

No Multiplayer what so ever.
Aim Down sights has been replaced with a zoom-in feature.
No upgrades in graphics or performance.

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