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Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars


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GF Rating


Soild game

posted by Pezman37 (MESA, AZ) Mar 31, 2009

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If you want a solid adventure game with a great plot, then look no further. It does suffer from a few technical problems from the Wii motion control puzzles making some puzzles hard to do, but that's more the fault of the Wii than the game itself. Those puzzle aren't so bad that you can't finish or anything that bad, just is a little jumpy. Over all I enjoy this game a lot as an adventure game fan. It's no 50 cent, but what is?

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Not "Broken", just boring

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 3, 2009

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When there's a big time conspiracy brimming, chances are the Templars are smack in the middle of it.
In Broken Sword, Shadow of the Templars, you play as an American on vacation in Paris or a reporter working for a French paper.
The game starts off with the reporter summoned to interview a popular French guy. Almost right after she arrives, a man dressed as a mime shows up, kills the celebrity French guy and knocks out the reporter.
When she comes to, the reporter starts investigating the murder by picking up items and solving puzzles in many, many locations. The American tourist joins her a bit later.
This (of course) leads them off on a trip around France and to parts of Ireland, Europe and Africa to uncover a vast conspiracy to ... well I've got no idea whatsoever. The story is so convoluted that I didn't understand what is at stake here.
There are a few fun Wiimote themed puzzles, but most of the ones you find in this point and click adventure are the "find items and put items in certain locations" puzzles. I didn't find the reward for solving puzzles very interesting at all; it just pushes the confusing story to the next chapter.
And like most point and click adventures, it's too easy to overlook important items while mindlessly clicking on useless items.
Hindering the search is the inventory screen that pops up in the center of the screen. It is an eyesore and stops me from interacting with said objects on screen.
It's a good thing they placed the "hint" feature here, or I would've bailed out after a few hours.
Speaking of eyesores, there's the ugly graphics. Most of this game could run on the N64; it's that bad.
Broken Sword does have a lot of content (eight hours for me to get to the end), but this isn't anywhere near the class of Myst or King's Quest. And it's not worth $50, either. SKIP IT.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Nice light fare

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) Apr 4, 2009

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Hello - I enjoyed the game. Makes for a good rental as it's quite short. Interesting story, no combat & chock full of puzzles, some are a little annoying I must admit! But they do get you thinking which is missing from way too many games these days imo. Recommended! D

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