Rent Brink for PS3
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posted by WMDtrain (STRASBURG, PA) May 12, 2011

Member since May 2011

I've been pretty excited about this game for a few months now, and couldn't wait to get my hands on it once it dropped. Unfortunately, the experience is not quite what I had hoped for.

First off, since I have it for the PS3, I can't speak to the multiplayer aspect of the game, which may make a huge difference, since one of my biggest gripes is the AI when offline, so the overall score I posted does not reflect this.

The in-game play is a blast. It's fast, fun, and adds a new challenge with the SMART system. It's fairly easy to use, and intuitive as well. I've read some complaints that the graphics weren't good, but I didn't notice anything that seems sub par personally. The customization aspect of the game is a lot of fun, with many great choices, but it feels a little empty when you realize that you'll really never see yourself in battle. There are many different weapons that you can equip yourself with, and many additional options for scopes, silencers, magazines, etc.

Unfortunately, all this is not enough to tip the scales. The story is about as shallow as you could get, there is very little that makes you feel any sense of conviction when fighting for either side. It feels as through what you are hearing is happening in snippets, and it strung very weakly together. I was really hoping for a strong story to go along with the great action this game offers.
Last but not least...the AI. It's bad. There are times when it feel like your bot teammates are actually giving your objectives some sort of half hearted effort, but that's not typically the case. They often don't come to revive you, or if they do, they'll usually be shot down within a few feet of you. Teammates seem to be little more then cannon fodder for the seemingly superior enemy AI. Another frustrating aspect is the way that objectives will be impossible to beat for a certain about of time, and then suddenly all of the enemies die right away, allowing you to complete it with no trouble at all.

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