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Really Bad

Among The Worst Shooters of Its Generation

posted by pointofinfo (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) May 23, 2011

Member since May 2011

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So you know how there's been a backlash against Modern Warfare-type shooters? If you haven't heard, people are tired of the same old sprint-melee-assault rifle-two hits and you're dead business. Well if you're among those who feel like I do and like to think that pacing makes up a large part of a shooter's playability, this game is the plague.

I got Brink because from what I could tell, it had interesting movement and graphics while being a somewhat fantastical change of scenario from the Modern Warfare types. All those were at least partly the case.

On the other hand, the "story" mode is basically the worst of any game I have played since...I don't know, but it was probably for TI-83. There is no sense of being briefed on your mission, the dialogue is choppy, and the actors fail to contribute anything but loud barks and shouts in exaggerated accents. Worst of all is that there is no improvement once you begin playing the game.

The gameplay is just garbage. Think about everything that perturbs people about Black Ops and quadruple it. There is a constant stream of useless information bandying about the screen as you constantly run out of ammo. I suppose the idea was to approximate the frantic nature of an ammo-management thriller game, but what happens is that you just resent Soldier-class characters who don't restock you. The mission objectives change nearly constantly without much reason or provocation other than giving you reasons to run across the tiny levels. There is no cover system other than ducking behind sheen-less bulletproof glass.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this game unless what I've described (a dearth of any sense of strategy or order) seems like an appealing shooter concept.

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awesome team based FPS

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) May 16, 2011

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Honestly this will be a love it or hate it based off of professional and user reviews I've seen. It is an objective team based FPS. There really isn't a true campaign. There is a pseudo campaign, challenges, and freeplay. Most game modes allow you to play solo, cooperatively, or competitively.

I love it and bought it the first day it came out. My only complaint at this point is the online play has some lag issues that Splash Damage is working on fixing (see home page for game).

1) awesome objective/team based gameplay
2) parkour system is a neat feature (and ability to slide)
3) lot of customization options
4) graphics have a team fortress type feel (they are good, not great)

1) lag for team based play
2) stupid AI for your team (opponent AI is much better)

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"I returned this game after 15 minutes"

posted by _B_ (MIAMI, FL) May 19, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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I am tired of hearing people say i returned this game after playing it 15 minutes. Well of course you dont like the game! You only played it for 15 minutes!! Brink is a game where its system revolves around leveling up, unlocking a large amount of skills, and deciding which skills to take into a match. it is impossible for anyone to get a real feel of what brink is truly about in 15 minutes. The gameplay is amazing and it only gets better the more skills you unlock. At level 20 (cap), you have so many options it actually makes you think 'what skills are a must have and which can i live without".

Furthermore, this is a game where you have to play as a team, and are rewarded for doing so. Once you have found a good group of players and you are helping each other out, you will realize how fun and effective it is to trade buffs like better gun damage with other players.

Of course, I want to state that this game is not perfect. It has its little problems here and there but honestly nothing major. Even many people criticized this game, the gameplay is nothing less than a perfect 10/10. Maybe not so much for other categories, but definitely for gameplay. One thing that is for certain is that the people who ANY game a 1/10 are the people who purposely want to ruin the reputation of games. Brink in general might be an 8, maybe even a 7, but by no means whatsoever is this game a 1!!

Dont be influenced by the bad reviews. Give yourself a shot at something new and exciting. Give brink a fair chance.

Btw, we are even getting the first DLC (maps and more) for free along with a bunch of patches addressing the small issues i mention.

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