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Very Good

Worth taking a chance on

posted by Markus1142 (SOMERVILLE, NJ) May 11, 2011

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Brink is a great idea, poorly realized, and further hampered by awful lag during many online matches. But when it's running smoothly, it's a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale FPS market.

By adding a Mirror's Edge or Assassins Creed style parkour / freerunning to a standard FPS engine, Splash Damage has created something different. You can still win by being the best shot, but you can now use your craftiness to hurdle objects and scale terrain to flank your enemies.

Another thing separating Brink from the rest of the pack is that it can be played entirely in online co-op. The entire campaign, all the challenge missions, can be played with friends, or strangers. Conversely, the free missions can be played offline with bots - the multiplayer and campaign missions are exactly the same. Unfortunately, with only a handful of maps, this can lead to some repetition.

The class system is different from the usual CoD structure; you create a persistent character and upgrade his abilities, as well as customizing his loadout and appearance. This character can be used across all four class types; Weapons are determined by your body type (large, medium or light,) not your class.

The visual style is unique, but the graphics are often lacking in detail. Paired with frequent lag issues, and it takes the game down a notch. Despite these flaws, it's a ton of fun, and well worth checking out.

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Very addicting!

posted by 12cowboys (LELAND, IA) Aug 3, 2011

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Brink was a game I thought I'd play a couple hours and send back, based upon other reviews. My interpretation was totally wrong. The game itself is just average, but something about it makes you keep coming back, wanting to keep playing it.

Starting off, it's very confusing because the tutorial doesn't do a great job, and I really never knew when I won or lost. The objectives are difficult to figure out, until you actually know what's going on. The gameplay is pretty much the same, but there;s some aspect that keeps you coming back.

The things I liked:

Customization - Great! probably the highlight of the whole game, as you can customize with so many different things whether it be the clothes you wear or the guns you use or the abilities you have. I feel like the developers put more into customizing the game than the actual gameplay itself.

Parkour/sprint button - They also did a great job on this. it was so smooth that I felt the jump button was literally useless. I couldn't believe how few glitches there was with this. Another great part.

Abilities and body types - Abilities are like perks for call of duty; they grant you special attributes for different classes. It was very well done. The body types also was incorporated very well. Large bodies were slower and couldn't climb over taller objects, but they could use heavier weapons and take more damage. Light bodies were extremely quick and agile, but were limited to smgs and pistols.

The other stuff:
Graphics - Average, but suited the game well. I felt like top notch graphics weren't needed in this game.

Gameplay - Not bad, but can get tedious at times. Hard difficulty was very challenging. The challenges (game modes to unlock weapons) were either very easy or extremely hard. Big turn off.

Maps - Not a whole lot of variety, but with the new (free!) dlc maps, there are 10 in total.

Overall this game is worth a definite rent, but probably not a buy due to few maps and tedious game modes.

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Really Bad

Read this, im trying to help you! trust me.

posted by Johanser (HIALEAH, FL) Jun 18, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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Alright, i know looking at gameplay for this game really makes you want to play it, trust me i know. I still rented it having read the bad reviews. Okay i almost got grounded for screaming so much thats how mad this game gets you. Check this, you cant even put pause on story mode (single player), the game will just keep going, i cant even use the bathroom, nothing. I put the game on easy mode and i die on 1 shot..... What got me really mad is this, you know how its 2 teams against eachother? Well, your team doesnt do anything, nada, they dont help you at all. To hack something i have to tearn into an operative myself cause they wont do it, and if they do, well theyll fail. Then i have to go back turn into an engineer and fix something, then a medic to buff my health cause my time never revives me, its horrible. They give me a team of like 20 people, different classes just for me to do everything.... I beat the 1st half of the game in less than an hour, the other half is as long as the first one.. So short. I havent even tried playing multiplayer, i just dont even want to look at the cd. The videos in between missions about the story are so fast, like if they were in a rush, hardly explains anything. I rated it a 2 because the things you can do, the classes, and the free running, its pretty cool, the concept of the game is good. The company that just made it, well, just couldnt make it.

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