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Brink, just worth the rent

posted by DEMON1CREAPER (ANTIOCH, IL) May 17, 2011

Member since May 2011

70 out of 88 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Brink was/is an overhyped game that promised many things and the one promise that stood out the most was that it was supposed to be a good game.

Brink is a first person shooter that feels like a mix between the visuals of borderlands, the feel of shadowrun, the story structure of Unreal Tournament, and the classes of Team Fortress 2. Brink can not stand up to the standards of those games let alone the FPS genre.

Brink is simply said a bad to averge game in my opinion, and many others agree. The repetitiveness that is Brink constantly bores anyone who dares touch it.

Among many of the problems is the lack of definitive information on how to play the game from the get go. In my first game I was confused why I could not plant a bomb but later realized that I had to be a soldier. This holds true for the specific objectives related to the other classes: operative, engineer, and medic. The story is just terrible to say the best, there is no reason to play the game in any order of the two campaigns. The narrator gets extremly annoying during the loading screens, I found that I had to mute the game during those times to stay somewhat sane.

This review is basically just telling you that the game is not worth anywhere close to $60 dollars, perhaps $30 if you are generous. The game is however worth a quick rent, I completed the game in a weekend and recieved an easy 1000 gamerscore.

If i had to rate the game from 1 to 10, i would give it a 5 or 6.


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GF Rating

Above Average

So much potiential. And so bad execution.

posted by 25DonkRd (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 2, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

32 out of 40 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Gameplay 8: Parkour is cool. Shame there is only eight levels and not enough room to maneuver within them.

World 6: Graphically not phenomenal. Spotty at times with poor textures. Places where fighting takes place are varied however

Sound 7: About what you expect. Guns go bang and explosions go boom. Menu music isnt bad.

Story 7 could have been 9: An ark the last vestige of humanity (or is it?) a revoulution between the people who found the ark and the people who are escaping a rising sea level. A great canvas to paint a really good story on. Too bad the only engagement with characters is through audio logs and cutscenes. Terrible execution.

Multiplayer 6: Laggy. only 8 levels to play thorough and only twenty levels to gain, which goes relatively quick. Classes work well though.

Last words: I think the biggest shame about brink is the amount of potiential it has and how much of that potiential remains untapped because of poor execution and seemingly lack of effort from the developers; I dont know personally what was going on maybe the people at splash damage were working really hard and there was just a tight deadline and they didnt get finish their product as they would have liked or maybe there was simply just a lack of effor, but this game could have been so much more than it is. The story is interesting but poorly executed. Audio logs of people who I could care less about and dont encounter thoroughout the game is just a terrible way of fleshing out the story. Why would i become invested in these characters, they dont appear in the game and are basically just archetypes and stereotypes of how you would imagine rich people and poor people would act on the last vestige of humanity but arent real people. Maybe i am expecting too much from a online class based shooter, but it is such a shame to see such a good idea for a story to go to waste. And only 8 levels. A real disapointment. I hope Splash Damage does better next time. If there is a next time

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An unpleasent reminder to never fall for hype

posted by H3ADRUSH87 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Jun 1, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

31 out of 39 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

I was really looking forward to this game and told all my friends how awesome Brink was going to be. Now I just look like a complete idiot thanks to this lazy attempt at a online first person shooter.

To keep this short, the main problem with this game is the lack of content. When you start up the game and see all there is to do, right away you will feel cheated out of a full game. There is only 4 short challenge stages and then the campaign which has 6 maps and 2 bonus maps...that is it. You will blow through the challenges in roughly an hour (which by the way unlock all the weapons and attachments) and then you are stuck playing the same campaign maps over and over.

Absolutely nothing about this game works really well. The weapons feel flat and weak. The only way to go is running around hip firing smgs which are almost laser beam accurate. The nearly infinite customization promises from the developers are bogus. Bots are hands down some of the worst I have seen. It even lags during matches, quite often I will add.

Bottom line, Brink is not even worth a rental. Avoid it and use your time and money on something more deserving.

- Interesting story
- Some customization options for your characters look really cool
- Requires more teamwork than other online shooters to date

- You will probably hit the level cap in a week or less
- The cutscenes feel tacked on and hammy
- The A.I. is so terrible its frustrating and you will always have bots in your games no matter what
- Weapons are flat out boring
- Netcode is faulty, games lag beyond belief
- Parkour is a gimmick and almost never used in matches

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