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Above Average

Has potential but ultimately is Blah

posted by Diisqo (BATON ROUGE, LA) May 14, 2011

Member since Nov 2007

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I gave this game a fair try and I really thought I was going to like it, but it's just not that great.
Doing the campaign solo is nearly impossible. Friendly AI is just plain stupid and doesn't do anything. You have no control over what classes they are and you can't order them to do things so they just run around dying for the most part. They'll lay there and wait for a medic instead of just respawning when all the medics are dead. It's horrible. Enemy AI on the other hand is ridiculously good. They kill you in two shots, they're medics do their job and it takes a whole magazine just to put one down. Head shots are useless.
Hacking in this game is horrible. You get about 1% done every two seconds and you can't defend yourself while you're doing it so you have to rely on your horrible AI teammates. If you get killed and the enemy gets to the hack device they undo your hack at about 5% every second. This makes it basically impossible to finish any hack objectives in the time limit unless you get really lucky.
If the AI was balanced this game would be way better.
Multiplayer is the exact same thing as campaign except with people. I don't know what they were thinking when they did that. It's literally the exact same missions and objectives as the campaign.
The graphics and customization are the best parts of the game. But even with all the customization you get to do to your character you can't even see it while you're playing because every person gets surrounded by this red or blue hue that makes them look like a red or blue blob.
Glad I rented this instead of buying it. There's really no replay value to it because there's no difference between single player and multiplayer, and that's if you can even stand to finish the campaign because of the horrible AI.

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posted by archangel0 (SOUTH BEND, IN) May 12, 2011

Member since Aug 2006

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I received this from gamefly on Tuesday and was disappointed.
I liked how I could customize my character. .
I liked how i could play in the campaign and multiplayer almost seamlessly.
I liked "the action button".

Very short campaign. 2 hours tops.
Repetitive game play. You play the exact same maps in multiplayer as you do the campaign. There is literally 8 maps. Thats it.
Cost: $60?
I could see $30

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Fun but not worth Sixty bucks

posted by Repulse_GF (NEW BEDFORD, MA) May 11, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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I bought the game Brand new the day it came out. I really like this game alot but. I know its going to get boring in a week and I wont ever touch it again. Why? The campaign is so short and simple that you can really beat it in 1-2 Hours if you know what your doing. And after the campaign you do the same exact thing in online multiplayer.. AND I mean same exact thing!!! Same maps. same game modes. same teams. Your just playing against and with real people instead of AI and computer. So yes I know this game wont last but its fun game to rent. Its more of a Arcade game really. So not worth $60 but more like $30.

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