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See the Chun Li cameo

Go to the boy who thinks he is a magician when you visit Bleak.The Boy will say "Put a hundred coins on the table and I will make them disappear". Confirm this request he'll say "Look behind you." Say "No" twice, then say "Yes". You should see Chun Li practicing her lightning kick.

Get 9999 experience and 9999 gold

Before you battle Jade in Obelisk, he will ask you if you want to join him. Tell him that you will join him and whenever he asks you if you want to change your mind, tell him No. If you don't push any buttons and he will say, "I'm bored. Entertain me!". After he says this, you will be involved in a battle scene. You will fight a D.Flea, a Crab, a Flower, a G.Slime, and finally an M.Slimedefeat these opponents and you will receive 9999 experience and 9999 gold. If you can't get M. Slime to appear remember that when Nina has fly go to Agua, go north. You will see a little island. At this island you need to run around and an M. Slime will appear after a short while.

Get the Emperor's sword and the Star Hammer

After defeating Jade if you look on the throne you will receive the Emperor's Sword. You can also search the right hand pillar in the same room for the Star Hammer. Use these items in combat to produce the Comet spell effect.

Getting the Tri-rang

After Nina learns how to fly you can find the Tri-rang behind pagoda, but before Pagoda has been activated. All you have to do is search directly behind the twin towers of Pagoda to find it.After you receive Nina's flying ability warp to Winlan and begin to fly. If you go directly north to two strange looking towers that are alone on a small island offshore. Land on the island and go one space west of the towers. Press A with Ryu to get the Tri-rang. Do not use Nina or she will start flying again. Remember: The Tri-rang is stronger than both the Dragon Sword and Flame Sword.

Get Rod5

If you obtain the sphere you can use it to go to Tunlan. All you have to do when here is fall down a pit to the left of the vault in the princess' house and search the box to find Rod5. This can be used to fish at the wells.

Get the Icydagger and Lifearmor

Obtain the thief and return to Agua and go up until you get to the resting place for the goddess. If you go in front of the temple on top of Agua there will be two statues. Go in front of them and press A to get the Icydagger, the thief's strongest weapon, and the Lifearmor, the strongest armor for the main character. It also has the ability to heal HP as you walk.

Obtaining a CFish

Get to the third Dragon Shrine and go west to a piece of land sticking out into the lake. Fish off the very end of it to catch a C.Fish.

Avoid fighting Pog

When the false Tuntar chief tries to lead you to the guard's weapons, continue to say "No" to him. Eventually, Bo will appear behind him and stop him, so you will not fight Pog.

Get 999,999 gold (shame on the developers

In you are in Prima go to a weapon shop and select the "Trade" option. Choose the IronML, Ox, then say "No". This should make you lose an amount of GP equal to the cost of the item. But unfortunately you have the ability to leave with 999,999 GP. You can save the game, deposit the money, then you can repeat this trick over and over again.. Remember to be safe have an amount of money which is less than what will be subtracted when you choose "No".