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Best game i ever played.>.<

posted by KH2fan (ANTELOPE, CA) Jul 20, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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This game is awsome.You start as Derik cole in a research lab.A women named Alex saves you and knows you somehow.You fight untill your split up and you meet the T'lan a type of super humans and you cant fight them.You get your own powers and can fight them later.Then you meet up with alex and hide from solus Nexuses avatar.He almost kills you but stops after that your powers return and get a shield to stop bullets.You fall off the roof with alex and land at the center of science lab your heading for you work your way down to terminace 4 where glen is underneath the building.You then get a injection of T'langen giving you more health T'langen and powers.You go to a elevator with alex and it falls your separated your alone again but you meet up later.You have to run from solus after proceeding alone and go threw a sewer full of Stealth T'lan.You then destroy a chopper alone and meet up with alex.You fight to the gate of Site 0.You grab a jeep and head torward nexus.Alex gets kidnapped by solus.You go on alone and the soldiers take the data and kill stafania.You continue untill you fight through the missile silos and when you get to the top giani is almost dead and saying"Cole yo buddy we screwed the olny one left.The datas bin destroyed we have to nuke nexus but i think its too late" then he dies.You go up the hill and into a dome alex is caught in a barrier holding her you release her and have to fight solus the first round is easy but the second round id too much you dont wi alex gets up when you lose all your health and are slammed against the wall and tries to fight solus hes to powerful and shes knocked in front of you dieing she saisSo this is my fate dieing like this.Dont look at me like that.Derick you have to save us.Save us.Then she dies and the missle hits in front of you.Nexuses power and the missle cause a time warp pushing you to the future.You wake up the scientists tell you that you saw all those memories.Thats not the end.Youll see the ending.

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GF Rating


Breakdown: The Title Says it All

posted by 00ian00 (HAZEL GREEN, AL) Dec 31, 2006

Member since Dec 2006

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It sounds good in concept, an exclusively first person game. The cut scenes, the opening of doors, even eating and drinking. Ubisoft had another great concept ruined by their game designers. The plot keeps you riveted, but never really manifests into a storyline—just fragments of what could have been a great sci-fi adventure. It could have been, if there were more enemies, and the character Derrick Cole could fight them. He spends most of his time getting knocked down or wounded (which is poorly represented). Even opening a door is a three step process (1. Grab door knob, 2. Open door, 3. Release door knob) leaving enemies inside these rooms plenty of time to kill you before you can complete this lengthy process. Before you develop some super powers (that are never really explained other than you are in a genetics lab) you also cannot damage enemies, so you spend a lot of time running away. Then you spend some levels jumping on moving platforms inside bunkers, then outside bunkers, then jumping on more platforms to get back. Eventually you get teleported to a place that also never gets explained, fight a boss of sorts (who is EASY) then the game ends. This game is a total Breakdown between the conceptual world and the world as programmed by Ubisoft developers. I give it a dreadful 1 out of 10!

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Above Average

the worst game ever made

posted by iceman27 (GRANBURY, TX) Jul 31, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

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this game is the worst

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