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Brave: A Warrior's Tale

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Brave: A Failure's Tale

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) Apr 22, 2010

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Brave is supposed to be a kids game. Honestly, I don't see what makes it a suitable game for kids. For someone like me who is 20 years old, I couldn't figure out what to do half the time in Brave. The game doesn't explain things to you, it just expects you to already know what to do having that you have done this stuff a million times. Having said that, let's break the elements down.

-The graphics look like a game that was ported from the N64, but did no such upgrades to move into the current generation. The graphics are on par with that of the N64, which is pi$$ poor by today's standards and downright unacceptable.

-The controls are clunky and the camera gets out of control 98% of the time. The controls aren't really very responsive.

-The sound is rather annoying. The voice work makes you wanna play with the TV muted and the outside sounds are very...blah.

-The gameplay is what you would expect from a typical platformer, except this particular one is still stuck 2 gaming generations ago.

-The story is something that most people will not really care for. I don't know what it is, but nobody will care either, it's not important or worth while.

-Graphics are N64 esque
-Glitches are around every corner and mess up the initial game play
-Camera is very frustrating
-Controls are very frustrating to use as well
-Sound and voice work is at the bottom of the totem pole
-Non innovative gameplay
-Story is forgettable right away
-Environments are disgustingly bland
-Not a very good game in terms of telling you what to do next, they just expect you to know what to do like you've done it hundreds of times.

This game has an easy 1000G, but I couldn't muscle through more than the first 45 minutes because of everything that I have experienced in the game. Not worth it. I can play a bad game every once in a while to get some gamerscore, but I have better taste than this piece of junk of a game. Not worth it.

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The Game That Never Ends

posted by BruceF (BENTONVILLE, AR) Aug 26, 2010

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This game is unbelievable. Just when you think you are about to wrap it up, you still have more to do. Then when that's done, you still have to do the same thing again and again. Very tedious at the end. One of the worst games I've ever played. Don't get fooled into thinking this is an easy 1000 gamer score. The camera is horrible and you will have to replay many sections over and over to get past them.

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posted by slip420 (NEW BEDFORD, MA) Oct 3, 2009

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started off ok .. my son got through the easy levels and i helped with the ones later on and as soon as you get to the ice level the game fails. horroble controls glicthy and agrivating...bad game even for kids

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