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GF Rating


Needs a mobile camera

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 15, 2009

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When a boy has to venture out into the wilderness in order to save his people from an all powerful evil force ... wait, haven't we heard about this sort of story before?
In Brave: A Warrior's Tale, you start off selecing your character and spend all of one level with that character. You spend the rest of the game with a boy named Brave.
Which makes me wonder why bother with the player created character in the first place?
From that point on, Brave becomes a 3D platformer - a standard 3D platformer. Our hero has the doublle jump, beat up the bad guy with a meele weapon and ranged weapons, and cllimb up some.
But wait, there's more. He can call certain animals and track them through their trail they leave behind. That doesn't count for much to me.
As I'm playing this game, I'm tempted to put in a commandment for 3D platformers: Thou shalt NOT put in a stationery camera. This is the biggest headache of the game.
The camera can not only hide enemies and makes some jumps very hard, it also often hides the path leading out. While going up a volcano, the game has me wandering about a ledge until I hit the hint button and am told I can climb up part of that mountain slightly off camrea. It would've been nice to know that BEFORE I got there.
Another example is climbing up the ice wall. I got stuck on the ledge and had to use the hint; it told me to jump to another climbable section that - you guess it - was off camera. It's aggirvating.
Speaking of aggrivation, the ice climbing bit is no fun at all - for the most part, it's mashing the B and Z buttons.
But the Z button is also used to dive, so when I had to make a jump onto a climbable walll and hit the Z button to plant an ax, Brave dives head first to the bottom - and I have to start the climb all over again (and again and again).
There are a few good sections of platforming available in Brave: A Warrior's Tale, but they don't come near enough to overcome the flaws. SKIP IT.

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A true turkey!

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) Aug 16, 2009

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I lasted about 2 levels, I actually got off the sofa to clean the garage rather than continue to level 3 - that should tell you something! Control/camera is a bit awkward & the game is just not that interesting. I guess it could be described as an ULTRA lame Zelda. Probably would be enjoyed by an audience of under 5. This is a waste of time, move on. My best, D

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posted by karengonza (LANCASTER, CA) Feb 26, 2010

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This is a very boring game.

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