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Game actually trains your brain

posted by Nysguy (DETROIT, MI) Jul 11, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

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Or does it? It seems to. This games claims to help you think better and make your brain more alert by throwing problems at you that you must solve in a flash. Sure 7x3 is easy, but how fast can you solve 200 of these problems? That's Brain Age. It throws things at you and you really have to use your brain to get these. This game makes clever use of the DS. You hold the DS sideways like a book. You Read on the left screen, and write on the right. The game would display the word "Yellow" but the color of the word would be written in red. The game asks you to blurt out the color of the word and not the actual word itself. You think yellow, but you're supposed to say red. That's Brain age. You have to really use your brain. Sounds simple, but this game is tricky.

This game really shines when more than one person plays it on a regular basis. This game keeps track of everything you do on a daily basis. It even gives you a stamp on a calendar for each day you play. Your scores are displayed next to other players scores. Think you did well, the game will tell you that "Jennifer" did better than you today and display her score, mocking you! The game may ask you to draw a hippo, and a few days later when you turn the game on, it would show you your drawing side by side with Jennifer's hippo that she drew. Who's is better? The game even decides if your drawing skills are good!

Fun game to have and very addicting! And for you people that drag butt in the morning and have a hard time waking up, this game actually helps get your brain working and thinking in the morning.

Fun game and worth a purchase.

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Above Average

Could be better, thats why more are coming

posted by GoldFibre (SARASOTA, FL) Jun 16, 2006

Member since May 2006

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The first "Brain" game is a good introduction to a somewhat new style of game. I would suggest renting this game if you've played Big Brain Academy and want more exercises, but the later "Brain" games are much better if you are looking to buy one or try one out for the first time.

The exercises are kind of fun and can be challenging, but the whole experience doesn't get my brain feeling exercised. I suppose I have much more stimulation in my life than someone living in a retirement home, so maybe I wasn't the target audience.

The presentation is just weak. I'm not sure how to put it, but the way the menus are laid out the talking head's repetitive dialog make the game feel kind of cheap.

Maybe you feel that a rating of 6 is terrible, but "Above Average" is really the feeling I got from this game. I played it. It was interesting. I don't regret playing it, and I'm looking forward to more "Brain" games that improve upon the current ones. A "5 = Fair" game wouldn't leave me looking forward to a sequel, and a "7 = Good" game I would have enjoyed more.

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Great learning game

posted by Wenevin (ROCKFORD, IL) Apr 21, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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I think this is a great I bought it and have been playing it for 3 days now and I've actually gotten better with my math skills already!
I am a homeschooler so this is a great game to warm up with before the harder stuff (except for head count that's just good learning) so you should give it a try especially if your a homeschooler

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