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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by angryarmytony (FAIR OAKS, CA) Oct 15, 2014

Member since Sep 2013

Bound By Flame has proven that even in this dark time of disappointing triple A titles that companies not very well known can still make terrible games a.k.a. Bound By Flame.

What's good: there are reasons why this game is not a 1/10 and it has some good qualities. If you plan on being evil then with the bad decisions you make you will start to turn into the demonic being inside of you which has its buffs and debuffs. Armor and weapons were fun to find and customize with a solid crafting system. Creatures are not all generic, some have interesting features and require different techniques to be defeated.

What's bad: combat is awful, to do a quick attack with your main weapon it will take about 6 seconds to charge up for any weapon except daggers. enemies will never be a one hit kill which loses the game's sense of progression when facing a grunt you fought at the beginning still takes at least 5 hits even when you are level 20. Every area is a corridor even when you are in an open area you are confined by ridges, rocks, hills, and invisible walls. Good weapons and armor are impossible to find even gold is hard to find which sucks when that one smith you find is selling armor you want for 1000 gold and all you have is 300. Crafting system was a good idea but generic, you can only craft 5 items. The enemy AI is pathetically stupid, basically run around in circles or find an invisible wall and any enemies can be easily defeated. Never Fear! The companion AI is just about as stupid as the enemies, basically they are good at one thing, death which they will go down in just about every battle and can't be revived until the end of it. The story is insanely boring, all characters have nothing interesting to say or good back story, the dialogue is awful, even graphics look like they were made in 2010. There is no reason for anyone to play this game, avoid this train wreck of a game like the plague.

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GF Rating


I've played much worse.

posted by cthulhusdream (LOUISVILLE, KY) Sep 29, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

For what it was (not a big name triple A game) this game was pretty good. Definitely worth the rent

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GF Rating

Above Average

Is there any good rpgs???

posted by sonic_kessler (RICE, TX) Sep 1, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

This game is strategic it has pretty good combat an decent graphics also it can be really hard at times I have died constantly but is some what fun to keep retrying and come up with a different attack plan and also your companion you choose to help you does not help and will die most of the time you battle the same enemies over and over no real variety I read that the level cap is 25 and im level 20 at the moment 5 levels away an yet I die just as fast if I was level 1 there are three combat styles you can use a swords, hammers, or axes they are all slow and have no dodge move another style is ranger where you use daggers this is the style I chose because they are fast and have dodge and last is pyromancer where you are basically a fire mage if you wanna give this game a try great and if not also great overall it can be pretty fun and really frustrating.

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