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Diablo with guns?

posted by Rumple (DALLAS, OR) Oct 28, 2009

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Yes borderlands may compare to diablo in the loot system, but thats really where the comparisons end. Borderlands has the RPG and setting elements of Fallout 3 with the quests and story elements of World of Warcraft.

You are one of 4 characters. a sniper with a pet. A big brute that can go into a raging frenzy. A tactical solider that uses automated turrents in battle, and a Siren that uses the elements to her advantage. Each class is fun to play and have three unique skill trees. However these trees all focus on passive abilities and in a sense all the classes play similar with the exception of the one main skill they have.

The story is that your a treasure hunter in search of a valuable treasure. Nothing to special. The art and writing however are. The art is a unique cell shaded style and the writing is is all funny.

Borderlands can be enjoyed with friends or alone and with the more people playing the better the loot is and harder the baddies become. however there is no loot sharing system and its a free for all so play with people you trust.

The game is unique. Fallout 3 was an RPG with some shooter elements slapped on. Borderlands is first a shooter and second an RPG. Hardcore RPG fans may not find what they want if they are looking for another fallout but any one else should try this game out.

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GF Rating

Very Good

borderlands description

posted by lancetmccoy (WESTVILLE, IL) Oct 9, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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this game is like the best mix of exploding things and killing its like a combination of call of duty and fallout new vegas so if u like those games i would suggest this game

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Possible Game of the Year

posted by SurfFreak (LAGUNA BEACH, CA) Jan 4, 2010

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I ended up buying this one, although not perfect, its pretty good. It takes around 30 hours to go through all the missions and you can replay w/ each of 4 characters who have their own abilities. The opening cut scene was so good, I wish the gameplay was at that level instead of having to read each mission, which is my one big complaint. Besides that my game began to glitch when I was in certain regions. Its definately an original game and worth playing.

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