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posted by gL1tCh (MURRIETA, CA) Dec 9, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

borderlands is an epic game it has the perfect selection from guns and enemys there are some pretty badass enemys in this game and gust so menny guns to choose from to kill them with and the comic formating is pretty cool and its cool how you can pick your own person and each player has a certen ability the soldier for instance hes the one i picked and the scorpio turret is verry usefull when there are too meny enemys to fight by yourself or if you just want to concerve ammo and then lillith has the phase walk that lets you just walk by enemys and they cant see you it also slows time and makes you move quicker i dont know about the others yet but i found the soldier most helpfull hope you enjoied my review goodbye

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Fun game with a few design problems.

posted by Silentrich (FORT MYERS, FL) Dec 2, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

The good:
Guns, guns and more guns.
Loot system is well done and exciting at first.
DLC is being added for replayability.
Co-op mode.

The Bad:
Nothing to do once you hit lvl 50 besides farm New Haven.
Co-op issues with friends list haven't been fixed before DLC came out.
This game has no way to stop cheaters and modding of weapons which ruin the experience.
The game is way way too easy.
Fallout 3 is a better game with a bigger world and much more content.

This game could have been so much more but bad end game design and cheating could have been modified and prevented. Bottom line is that the combat system is fun but the AI isn't up to par and the game is just too easy. Even the DLC is short and there still isn't anything to do once you hit 50. Good game but not up to par with Fallout 3.

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Very Good

Great Idea

posted by TatarSalad (CONWAY, AR) Nov 30, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

This game had a lot of great ideas. I loved the idea of the "colored" coded weapons. Which is sort of like some of the mmorpgs like EQ2 or WOW with the rarity system. Also this game had tons of weapons just to start off with and some sick ones at that. I loved the idea of choosing your missions sort of like a GTA feel. The graphics were pretty cool looking also. It was pretty easy to learn the game and get to know your map and such. The tutorial was nice and it had a great feel of teaching you as you went. Those are the positives, on the negative side it was sort of hard to level up when you needed to (having to wait on enemies to spawn). Also some of the missions were kind of repetitive. Other than that I give this game an 8/10. It's definitely a must play!

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