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posted by gkm18 (FILLMORE, CA) Jul 12, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

great game good graphics nuff said

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I don't get the hype

posted by RexDeLaCoeur (KATY, TX) Aug 25, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

I barely played this two hours. The aiming was too difficult especially since you are almost always outnumbered. THe amount of damage you take in comparison to the amount of damage you give is disproportionate in the favor of the game.... a single battle in the desert could take 20+ minutes and plenty of your health power ups. The first boss battle was too far imbalanced in favor of the boss. And the story wasn't great enough to keep me interested...

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Unique and extremely fun!

posted by GamePlayer999 (PITTSFIELD, MA) Aug 4, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

Borderlands is an amazing single-player or cooperative experience. Graphics may look cartoony but are actually very good and environments are top-notch but can be repetitive at times. Gameplay is great and sound is good. The game world is massive and has loads of quests to do and items to find. The game masters the feel of an RPG while making sure it has the solid elements of a FPS. The two are a great mix together and are mastered in Borderlands. With so much stuff to do and explore, Borderlands is a game to be played for several years to come. The game is filled with guns and equipment which are all so unique. The game can be played solo but the real fun is with friends. Hop into co-op with either 2-player split-screen or 4-player online. Although with each player added to the fray enemies will become a lot tougher and Borderlands can be a real challenge if played co-op and not using necessary teamwork. Teamwork is essential to cooperative play and really enhances the experience if used correctly. Also although enemies are a lot tougher in co-op they drop much better loot than before. The game runs great but can have occasional lag spikes at times. Character customization is great but is limited to a particular class-this includes certain items. Overall Borderlands is a very fun game with amazing character progression and content, and is definitely worth experiencing.

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