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Very Good

Suprisingly Well Done

posted by dopcflood (BROOKFIELD, CT) Oct 10, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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Borderlands was more than I had expected. After seeing the game in stores and friends' houses I found myself uninterested because of the broad look of the HUD.
After playing, I see now that the characters are realistic, the plot is well developed, and the idea is unique. Along with these features, the guns were powerful in the sense that I grew a connection with them (I hated dropping or selling weaker guns I'd had for a while).
I would diffidently recommend this game for anyone looking for a FPT (First-Person-Thriller). I am now looking into borderlands 2, and if a game can hold me for a sequel, then I know it was finely tuned.

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Pure FPS awesome with a healthy dose of RPG

posted by gliscameri (MESA, AZ) Nov 16, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

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This game delivers exactly what it said it would, a beautiful merger of FPS/RPG. This game sides more on the side of FPS, while I would say that Fallout 3 is on the RPG side.

First off, the controls work well. It's not clunky like most RPGs. It can't be clunky, because you get swarmed on by critters a lot and you need to be able to spin around, pick one off, run, spin around, pick another off.. repeat. You really learn that lower level bugs can wreck you when they swarm. The sniping is great, but it adds in real inaccuracy based on the gun. Just because your crosshairs lay on someone's forehead doesn't mean that's where the bullet is going if it's a pooh gun. Machine gunning works well. The damage points flowing out of people is a real helper when you are deciding what gun is right for the job. There are lots and lots of guns, plus rockets and some hand to hand attachments. Just great. So far I haven't been able to customize a weapon, and I don't think that you can. That is the only element I'd really like to see. You do get to customize your character's abilities a lot though, which in turn customizes all of your guns.

The graphics are good but strange. Scanner Darkly-ish.

Lots of missions. LOTS. I've lost track of the main story line completely.

It scales very well to your level and abilities. It stays challenging and rewarding, but will leave areas for mindless slaughter.

I haven't been able to get in a good multiplayer match, so I can't comment there.

I don't know how else to explain it, but I bought MW2 and haven't really played it much because I've been playing Borderlands. I must warn you that the introduction period is quite long. It's not a tutorial, and it throws you right into chaos, but the game takes a while to really open up. Teleporting from outpost to outpost is quite a few hours into the game, but traveling isn't bad because of the scaling.

I hope to see more FPS that take this route.

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Loved it so much I had to buy!!

posted by shsabres (SPRINGFIELD, VA) Jun 3, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I loved this game, tons of things to do and tons of guns to shoot. I rented this not thinking I would enjoy it but after playing a couple of hours I had to buy it!! It was absolutely entertaining. Tons of missions and enemies and they get harder and harder! Play this game and you will have fun!!

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